Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11/21/11 - Post Survivor Series RAW, new feuds galore.

Opening Segment -

CM Punk, the NEW WWE Champion did his usual awesome promo, but was cut off by John Laringitis once more and instead of giving the so called WWE fans, and not the universe as Punk stated what they wanted... (Ryder v. Ziggler for the US Title that is) the GM instead criss crossed the matchups and gave us Ryder v. Del Rio next, and Punk v. Ziggler as the 10pm Main Event.

You might be asking yourself, why 10 pm instead of the final match of the evening, well you see... even without the WWE Championship, John Cena still gets the main event time slot to cut a promo.

Zack Ryder v. Alberto Del Rio

While it was amazing to see Ryder cut off R-Rod from introducing Del Rio, I immediately knew (as should anyone else with a sense of typical PPV aftermath RAWs) that Ryder was about to be destroyed by an angry Del Rio still upset from losing his WWE Championship last night to CM Punk and destroyed he was, luckily they did not do an injury angle so perhaps Ryder will get revenge next week.

Santino Marella v. Cody Rhodes

Cody wearing kneepads? Cody not wearing a mask? Cody winning matches? Yes x3! As it seems Orton is now moving on to feuding with Wade Barrett, Cody practically squashes poor Santino and then proceeds to call out Booker T on his constant downgrading commentary toward him... as we know for months Rhodes was having his baggers give ol Book a paper bag every time he came out to the ring with his "masked" gimmick, one could technically say Rhodes started it... but who cares? It seems the plans for a Booker T in ring feud with Rhodes is now officially on

Kofi Kingston v. Wade Barrett

With no partner to have a tag team match with, Kingston goes one on one with Barrett, the victor of last nights Survivor Series elimination tag match... a solid nice win for the former Nexus leader and a staredown of sorts between him and Orton who sat ringside for the match... I can only assume this is the start of the next #1 Contender feud for Smackdown as Big Show technically still holds that spot after last nights low blow finish.

Sheamus v. Jack Swagger

Am I the only one who hates how they are now not only calling Sheamus "The Great White" on commentary but now its in his minitron? I mean just a year ago they were using that as an insult for the guy... (remember Jar of Mayo?) now suddenly its ok? WWE is such hypocrites. Solid match between these two with very little to say on my behalf.

Big Show cuts a promo on Mark Henry -

As I said earlier, Henry causes a DQ for himself when he kicked Show in the "groin" (lol how Show couldn't say balls) during their championship match last night which totally killed the moment, and either the crowd wasn't paying much attention or Show honestly didn't rev up the crowd as well as he could've

Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21/11 Another Road to Wrestlemania joke?... this time a crossroad?

Triple H officially concludes Ted DiBiase's RAW burial -

While it was refreshing to see Ted on Smackdown last week even in a losing effort putting up a great fight against Rey Mysterio. Tonight officially saw that small effort destroyed as during a failed effort to destroy Triple H by himself (remember the last time he destroyed Trips was with his Legacy teammates) Trips left him pedigreed through a table and buried further down the totem pole once more. Not good IMO for a retiring star to destroy the rising stars who will eventually take his place, or perhaps this is clue that DiBiase might be on his way out after Wrestlemania?

Randy Orton v. Rey Mysterio, will the heels be waiting to strike? -

From the moment they announced this regardless of it being a "Wrestlemania rewind" I immediately thought of the fact that this match is Face v. Face and there is no way WWE is stupid enough to have either one of them lose to the other clean. And boy was I ever right. While I half expected Rhodes to attack Mysterio and
Punk to attack Orton, only one of the two occured (unless the other occured during the commercial and was
unseen at home) Instead we see teases all night that "Orton's family is in the tourbus..." so of course one has to remember that Punk has a habit of going after people's families (as does Orton) so that was the path they took.

Eve v. Maryse & Micheal Cole??? -

Once again shitting on the divas match, Cole interrupts the two on microphone to announce he has yet another embarassing revelation about Lawler tonight, however this time, after winning the match Eve goes after Cole (and I hope she actually gets in on his beatdown eventually) and has to be escorted away by security... Now this Cole segment sucked and was actually less entertaining tham Maryse' sexy outfit and
her little jerk and twitches she did in a verbal smacktalk battle against Eve. Bravo Cole! make us hate you even more so it feels so much better when you get EVERYTHING coming your way at Wrestlemania, but boo at your lack of ability to sell a promo.

Corre def. Marella/Koslov but gets chased off by the ShowKane alliance -

There were rumors as to who Corre would face at Wrestlemania, and now that answer seems a little obvious. However one has to wonder, why has Undertaker not gone after neither Wade Barrett or Kane (are we just supposed to forget that they were the reason he got buried alive in the first place?)

Miz attempts to re-write history, could he do me a favor and give me back my time wasted watching his segment? -

Stupid stupid stupid segment and poor attempt at Miz trying to make himself relevant once again. While it was somewhat awesome to see that Cena was not actually home but in the arena and the subsequent brawl that broke out, the stupidity of Miz simply turning the belt's W symbol upside down instead of debuting an actual NEW WWE Championship (which would have redeemed him instantly in my books) absolutlely gave this one to Cena regardless of the destruction of Alex Riley post promo (not like hes tough or anything on the "ladder")

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/14/11 The Road to Wrestlemania hits a few potholes...

Miz DESTROYS Khali, and a steel chair...

For someone who was seemingly fired, (as if anyone who gets fired in WWE storyline actually stays away for long) it sure looked like someone who looked exactly like the "fired" Alex Riley was helping his old "employer" during this impromtu opening bout pitting the WWE Champion against The Great "Botch"li. However, it was quite interesting to see Miz's chair assault post match literally impale the back of the Punjabi Playboy as a trinkle of blood dripped down his back and interesting enough the camera zoomed in on it.

Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan and ends the "King of the Ring" curse?

As much as the announcers were playing off of the "curse" that was affecting the 2010 KoTR, I fail to remember anyone besides the human jar of mayonaise having THIS bad of a losing streak following their tournament victory. But alas, as stated last week Sheamus put his career on the line for another shot at the United States championship, and this time he actually won with a midair brougue kick reversing Daniel Bryan's "vintage" flying dropkick. It is almost a given that the rematch clause will be cashed in for Wrestlemania so here's hoping these two have a great match on the grandest stage of them all, because we all know what happened to Sheamus last year.

Cole reveals a secret guest from Lawler's past... Grandmaster Sexay???

I honestly forgot that Grandmaster, (or is it Grandmasta?) Sexay was actually Jerry Lawler's son as when he was actually popular back in the day (as a member of Too Cool) he never aluded to it at all that he was the son of "the King" but unfortunately even though the former tag team champion came out to his own music, the sheer fact that he came out as a request of Micheal Cole to talk about Jerry immediately turns him heel in storyline. (not to mention it looks wierd seeing a guy who looks to be in his 50s doing the dances that he did back in day with the look of a 20 year old)

Cole v Ross exhibition cancelled by Jack Swagger a real painful ankle lock... seriously

Just as Brian Christopher/Lawler (or whatever you want to call him) gets done insulting his "father" Cole continued with the onslaught of insults until he was finally interrupted by a return from Jim Ross (at least since Old School RAW we haven't seen Good Ol' JR) who basically demands Cole stop his verbal assault on King and calls him a rat bastard for even bringing King's family into this feud.

However, after now becoming the target of Cole's verbal rage, JR removes his coat in an attempt to challenge his former colleague to a brawl only to be interrupted by Jack Swagger attacking King outside the ring. The All American proceeds to put both King and JR into the ankle lock and as we now know, he twisted JR's leg a little too far as the trademark "good god almighty" call out from JR was actually for real. Afterwards, Cole grabs JR's now injured leg and performs his own version of the ankle lock to close ths segment.

Vickie v. Trish ends exactly as I predicted last week... with one minor change.

While I half expected Vickie to win with the assistance of Lay Cool, announcing thr match was a NO DQ prior just opened the door for the chaos to slowly but surely begin. First with Ziggler, then with Morrison, followed up the the obvious Lay Cool run in. Vickie gets the win after a loaded ankle brace knockout kick from Michelle to Trish.

Now, prior to this match we were shown a Snooki and Vickie backstage encounter where Miss Guerrero was on the recieving end of a guidette slap (which actually looked like it hurt!) so after her pinfall victory and subsequent hiring, as her first act of business Vickie makes a match for Wrestlemania pitting her man... err i mean business partner Dolph Ziggler and her two bodyguards Lay Cool against John Morrison, Trish Stratus, and you guessed it... Snooki!

I guess they totally forgot Kelly Kelly has some beef with the trio from Elimination Chamber as well.

Randy Orton v. CM Punk is now simply a singles match... Mason Ryan recieves the developmental kick.

Honestly I am glad that most of the original remaining Nexus members became the Corre on Smackdown because the New Nexus has been a failure ever since its conversion, and now it seems that the Wrestlemania match is not only going to be a singles match (as every Nexus member lost their match against Orton) but it seems like every member has been written off due to punt kick.

At least we know who Jericho will be feuding with when, and if, he ever makes his return to WWE.

The Rock v. Cena continues... Rock remains on top, by questionable means

I wont go into much detail, Rock had an awesome promo his first week,
Cena replied perfectly the week after,
Rock had an awesome second promo the week after,
Cena's second response was kind of funny but failed in some respect,
and now this past week Rock's third promo kind of went a little stale. So the score is 2-1 Rock. 

Considering Cena said he was done with the distractions will he respond this coming monday night? And if he does, lets hope he doesnt plan on giving Rock another "pearl necklace" (shudders)  

Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 - The Final Knockout, Ziggler RAW-bound, Sheamus' final chance

Undertaker vs. Triple H now a No-Holds Barred Match

The last no-holds-barred match featured Undertaker vs. Kane back a few months at the Bragging Rights PPV, and the lack of blood and weapons seriously hindered this match for what it could've been, granted they did brawl in and around the ring. One can only hope the "trademark" sledgehammer makes its appearance in the hands of "The Game"
Dolph Ziggler now on RAW? Vickie vs. Trish set for next week

Good to see the former World Heavyweight Champion back on WWE TV, however it seems he is still alongside his betrayer Vickie Guerrero, now as a "business partner." And of course, whenever a returning/debuting star makes their appearance its quite obvious their opponent will be crushed. Unfortunately for us tonight, that opponent was John Morrison.

Now, heres a guy who should, like Dolph be a legitimate champion by now, but with bigger "veterans" on their shows they are simply tossed aside for the Edge's and John Cena's. However in this exchange a RAW superstar who has been kicking ass for the last couple months is pinned cleanly by a Smackdown superstar who has been fired for the last two weeks. Way to destroy JoMo's momentum

However, that was not the only thing that came out of this travesty. Apparently Vickie will have a match against another recent returning superstar in the form of Trish Stratus next week and only if she wins will she be allowed to join the RAW brand along with her "business partner." It's quite obvious IMO that Vickie has no chance in hell of winning this match without cheating, and if Dolph and Vickie can come to RAW why not Lay-cool?

Sheamus losing streak, risks career next week for... United States Championship?

Speaking of killing momentum, King of the Ring 2010 Sheamus has basically been working on his own "streak" of sorts over the last couple weeks... a losing streak. And after "apparently" injuring himself by crushing his ankle into the announcers table, he accepted a countout defeat against Daniel Bryan.

As Bryan was celebrating Sheamus challenged the US Champion for his title next week and put his career at risk. This close to Wrestlemania and no United States title match set, I would assume the Human Jar of Mayo will actually win next week and give Bryan his re-match at the show of shows.
Cole buries the Diva Division some more, starts an Austin chant, and brings out... JBL?

If WWE expects us to take the Diva Division seriously, having Michael Cole bad mouth the women during the matches and downright interrupt them on the microphone to draw attention to himself is not the way to go.

And quite frankly, wasn't this entire Cole Lawler feud started when Cole claimed Lawler hogged the spotlight, however, its perfectly alright for Cole to do the same?

Now, on last Friday's Smackdown, Cole revealed that his referee was "flamboyant" and "awesome" and while the first word immediately sounds like "Goldust" or "Zack Ryder" the second immediately sounds like Cole's man crush and current WWE Champion The Miz." However, this appears to have been a red herring, as after starting an Austin chant (knowing full well Austin was here tonight for "some reason") out comes the former "longest reigning WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

(I say longest reigning WWE, because the spinner belt was not used in WWF)

But this "poor choice" is short lived as Austin indeed comes out soon enough, gives the "self made millionaire" a stunner, pours beer all over himself, JBL, and Cole and signs the contract for Wrestlemania making himself the referee. Now it seems, the only remaining spots to fill will be "who will be in Lawler's corner?" and "who will be the special guest commentator?" As we all know Cole and Lawler alongside Josh Matthews 3 man the PPV booths, someone would have to take their places during that match.

Could it be possible? Will Good Ol' J.R. return for one night as well?

The Main Event! Another Battle Rap from Cena? (excuse me "hip-hop")

For someone who said they would only do the entire thuganomics thing for "one night only" he seems to have again lied to his fans. However, I will give him credit for the "I Bring It... via satellite" joke, as that was kind of a let down last week.

However, all this time Cena and Rock have been going back and forth and poor unlucky Miz has been stuck in the middle. Now I was perfectly fine with him knocking the taste out of Cena's mouth with two belt shots and a Skull Crushing Finale... however, for someone who hates both Cena and Rock, why give them the pleasure of doing a crappy version of their signature move?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2/28/11 I always called Wrestling a Male soap opera, tonight I am proven correct!

Triple H and Undertaker set for Wrestlemania, Sheamus gets (literally) buried -

While it was anticipating to wait one week to hear Triple H's reasoning for challenging the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, it was kind of selfish in my opinion to ignore that fact that your "friend" Shawn Micheals, not only lost twice against The Phenom, but lost his career doing so. But instead, Triple H aludes to his answer that he gave in his WWE Mag interview stating that he "no longer has to be competing for a championship" to be considered the best, however by basically saying HE will be the one to end the streak, HBK's reasoning the previous year is basically thrown under a bus.

Obviously, one assumed that when Triple H finally made his return he would go after Sheamus (as he was the one who put him on the injured list last April at Extreme Rules) so instead of going after him, Sheamus came after Triple H himself and got a low blow and a pedigree through a table for his trouble. So it looks like that feud won't be picked up

The Rock's response to Thuganomics, if only the Cenation knew -

Everyone applauded Cena for reponding to The Rock last week with his old school rap, but nobody bothered to think why Rock targetted him in the first place, so, as Rock mentioned during his return promo, Cena started insulting Rock when he left for Hollywood, and now Rock is basically returning the favor on live television without his little Cenation knowing exactly what their hero said. In my opinion, Rock is winning this one.

Punk and Orton set for Wrestlemania, and the Nexus loses another member -

It is unfortunate that I once again have to admit that Randy Orton's face turn is really starting to go stale on me, almost to a point that like Cena, I want him heel again... however, it seems that face or not Orton (excuse my use of it) "vintage" punt remains as part of his repertoir. Tonight's victim, Michael McG.

Cole and Lawler set for Wrestlemania, Swagger gets a Wrestlemania redemption? Not -

So Cole actually accepted Lawler's Wrestlemania challenge... however, it was on his terms. One being, he gets a trainer in his corner, and the second being that there will be a special referee. The trainer, was Jack Swagger.

So it seems from Money in the Bank winner, to World Heavyweight Champion. The All-American American is now a manager for a filler match. Nice. (sarcasm)

However, they did not reveal the special referee. One can only assume it will be another Cole lackey.

John Cena def. Alex Riley in a cage match, by walking out the door...?  -

If you are going to announce that "the only way to win this match is to ESCAPE the cage"  why allow someone to simply walk out the front door? They did that shit with Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble #1 Contender qualifier when Wade Barrett with a "busted arm" attempted to climb out the cage and failed, and Orton simply walked out the door.

Tonight it was the same thing, however, both Cena and Riley continued to climb the cage even when one of them went toward the open door and failed.

IMO, the cage door should be chained and locked. The entire point of a cage match is to incapacitate your opponent long enough to climb out, (or rather that was how it is on the video games lol) but instead Cena defeats Miz in a test of strength and pushes his way out of the cage door and wins the match. Adios Alex Riley, perhaps he too will stay off TV for a week. 

One might wonder why I titled this entry as such, well in my opinion tonight's episode was a complete filler of talking and storyling to set up more heat for the Wrestlemania matches, as I said to someone on Facebook, if this was my old show "24" this episode feels like one in between the death of one bad guy and the introduction of a new one.

Nothing more than a furthering of a storyline and little to no action. Perhaps next week we will see more.

Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25/11 Goodbye Vickie! Welcome back Cody!

(Rey Mysterio def. Kane via pinfall)

Cody Rhodes is no longer dashing... now he's just sadistic -

I am actually a fan of Cody destroying Rey slowly and eventually defeating him at Wrestlemania, but unfortunately Rey wasn't victorious in his previous feud against Del Rio so by pattern Rey is due for a victory. However,\with the high press involved with the signing of Mistico now known as "Sin Cara" perhaps we might see his debut as close as Wrestlemania as a way of causing his loss without a clean finish.  The future rivalry between Del Rio, Mysterio and Sin Cara is something to look onto the horizon for.

(The Big Show def Wade Barrett via countout)

The Big "Stable Destroyer" Show -

First the Straight Edge Society, now the Corre, why build a force of guys into a group of destruction only to have them be demolished by one man? It makes no sense for the purpose they are supposed to be serving. I mean granted the storyline has been dropped with Barrett and the former Nexus burying Undertaker back at Bragging Rights. At one time the idea was for Barrett/Jackson to fight Taker/Show at Wrestlemania assuming Taker wasn't 100%. But now with Taker obviously being challenged/accepting Triple H's silent proposal. Another idea has been scrapped.

At least they won the titles from Vladimir "Botch"-lov at the pay per view. Sorry Santino, your cobra is only entertaining for so long before it gets beyond ridiculus.

(Rosa Mendes def. Layla via DQ)

More tension for Lay-Cool... perhaps a Wrestlemania breakup? -

After several weeks of kicking Layla in the face, this time McCool interfered in her partner's match in plain sight of the ref, causing a disqualification. But the WTF face Layla was giving was crushed when she embraced her tag team partner and they left the ring together. I said it last year, I predict these two are broken up by Extreme Rules, because we all know a singles Divas match won't take place (they usually do a pointless Battle Royale for all the undercard guys as well as the Divas)

(Edge & Kelly Kelly def Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero via pinfall)

First Dolph, now Vickie Guerrero -

Funny how unless your name is John Cena, being fired in storyline actually keeps you off television for a week. However, considering the outcome of the above match, the Smackdown Consultant has officially been fired as well by Teddy Long. While I half expect Del Rio to win at Wrestlemania perhaps, the two firings will show up a few weeks down the road and cause Edge's defeat some how. Either directly or indirectly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/21/11 - Two returns, one expected, one surprising. Road to Wrestlemania is imminent

First off, Elimination Chamber results -

Edge def. Rey Mysterio, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, & Wade Barrett for the World Championship

John Cena def. CM Punk, John Morrison, Sheamus, Randy Orton, and R-Truth for the #1 Contendership for WWE Championship

The Miz def. Jerry "The King" Lawler for the WWE Championship

The Corre def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Edge is the first champion to retain his championship inside a Chamber match -

Congratulations to Edge for being the first champion to actually defend his championship sucessfully in the Elimination Chamber, and a loud "YEEES" for Christian making his long awaited return to save his former tag team partner from an Alberto Del Rio assault. Unfortunately I can't say the same for Kofi Kingston, who not only almost had his arm broken at the PPV, was then seriously demolished on RAW tonight when he attempted to get a measure of revenge against the #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship. Perhaps WWE will give us our long awaited Edge vs. Christian match at Wrestlemania in the form of a Triple Threat? IMO that makes this match that more exciting. '

Cena brings back Thuganomics for one night, wins and loses the WWE Tag Team Championship -

I hate to admit it, but it was a breath of fresh air to hear Thug Cena on the mic tonight and not the corny fruity pebbles guy that Rock clearly hit spot on last week during his promo. However, while teaming with the Miz, for some odd reason Miz scored a pinfall on Justin Gabriel when Heath Slater CLEARLY could have broken it up. However, the entire suspected set up in my eyes was smashed as Cena went for an AA on Gabriel in the rematch, Miz sliped in and hit his SCF on Cena and rolled out of the ring to allow Gabriel to score their newly won and lost championships back. And so, the mind games begin once again for Cena to basically get his ass kicked for the remaining weeks to Wrestlemania and pull a victory out of his ass and defeat the bad guy... (again)

Cole's Tasteless Promo -

First off, I don't even know her name, but for now I will say RIP "Queen Mother" Lawler. However, my expected finish to King's match last night did not come to fruitition. While I long suspected King and Cole would be fighting at Wrestlemania, the only question that needed to be answered was ... Why? So I honestly expected Cole to screw King last night, but instead Miz won clean. However tonight in what I consider an extremely tasteless comment, Cole insulted King's recently passed on mother and nearly got his teeth knocked out only to run like a "yellow bellied" pussy ironically while wearing a yellow shirt. Great to see King will most likely get his match, but the stip is still up in the air as Cole never officially accepted King's challenge

2-21-11 Has finally arrived -

And with it, came the Phenom, the Undertaker making his glorious return (again) to WWE, and this time appearing on RAW instead of Smackdown. Why? One may ask, well simple. Immediately after hitting the ring and doing his vintage hat removal, rolled eyes effect. The King of Kings Triple H made HIS glorious return to RAW and without even saying anything the two WWE main eventers stared at the Wrestlemania sign, aimed their signature taunts at one another and set us up for an obvious Taker vs. Triple H match at the Show of Shows.

While it was not Sting (who everyone, including myself had hoped for) Triple H's reasoning does make alot of sense, and with Shawn Michaels being present for the Hall of Fame, what's to stop him from showing up during this match?

I changed my format a little in how i reported tonight's blog entry, let me know what you think. And with that my friends enjoy your week.

(I apologize for not finishing last week's entry... won't happen again)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/14/11 The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment returns!

CM Punk def. John Cena via pinfall

Funny to see Punk protecting his loins after almost every exchange as a nod to last weeks DQ Victory following Cena' lowblowing him, but in the end, Punk got his revenge slightly by having one of his lackies pass him first a chair (from under the ring) to distract the ref with removing it from the ring, and then a wrench to which he knocked Cena out with to score the legitimate pinfall victory

Edge to be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship on Friday

As per Vickie Guerrero's mandate, if Edge used the spear in his match last friday he would lose the match and his championship, however as the special referee, Vickie refused to count any of Edge's pin attempts on her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. At one point Vickie mocked the Rated R super star and even attempted a spear of her own to her ex-husband only to run into him like a brick wall and fall outside the ring, however she wasn't knocked out, only hurt. Edge proceeded to use the spear in the clear eye of the fallen Vickie and call down Clay Matthews in a ref shirt to count the 3. However, in accordance to her own ruling, Vickie stated that Edge will be stripped of the title on Friday as he clearly broke her rules during that match.

Randy Orton def. King Sheamus via pinfall

Prior to this match Sheamus brogue kicked Mark Henry twice in retaliation for last weeks mind games beatdown. Thats all well and all but then, following a superplex Randy Orton springs up as if it never happened and proceeds to hit Sheamus with an RKO for the clean victory.

John Morrison & R-Truth def. David Otunga & McG via pinfall

What was supposed to be a Morrison vs. Truth match (face vs. face, really?) turned into a tag match as both former tag team buddies wanted equal revenge on the New Nexus following the attacks from last week. And sure enough they got it, with Morrison showing some awesome aggression and Truth doing his crazy acrobatics.

The Miz def. Daniel Bryan via pinfall

Another great match! Whether it was the flying dropkick from the toprope, to the flying knee from the apron to the barricade, followed up by the flying powerbomb. These two are amazing in the ring as rivals. But alas you can't have the secondary champion defeating the show's primary champion the week before the pay per view, so alas Bryan does NOT score the upset victory and recieves an SCF for his efforts.

Eve Torres def. Natalya via pinfall

Well so much for not having a face vs. face match eh? These two ladies are interesting in the ring together, as one is a grappler and the other an acrobat, their in ring chemistry came off almost a little too much sexier than intended. However, this match was silently changed into a lumberjill match in order to further the face 5 vs the heel 5 divas of RAW. During the scuffle, Maryse lost a pump and it became Melina's weapon as the brawl spilled backstage. The match ended with both ladies hooking each other's leg for a pin but the ref counted the victory for Eve.

Promotions, Name Drops, and a stupid comedy segment

With all the matches done for the night , and about 15 minutes left to go before the show ended we find the girl who will be co-starring in the Chaperone standing in the ring with a mic. She mentions who she is and that starring in the movie is none other than "The Game" Triple H. However, instead of Trips coming out (and "finally" returning to WWE TV) instead we get The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, some cute shots of couples in the audience and the WWE Backstage kissing (William Regal kissing Zack Ryder wtf?)... and even an unintentional funny moment when the candy box that Hornswoggle presented her came open and all the chocolates fell to the ground.

And Last... but certainly not least!!!

Justin Roberts tries with all his might to hold back an ear to ear grin as he announces for everyone to welcome the host of Wrestlemania 27... and section by section the lights go off, a titantron effect of lightning eventually turns the screen bright white, then darkness once more...

And suddenly, The Rock's old theme begins to play and out comes the great one, Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to a thunderous reaction!!!

Now its worth noting that The People's Champion did get into the ring and proceed to deliver the promo of promos, in which he asked the WWE Universe how they went from the powerful Austin 3:16 to the iconic Do you smell what the rock is cooking? to.... You cant see me?

He also mentions that when he left WWE 7 years ago, someone who he thought was a cool guy started talking trash about The Rock, and that man's name was John Cena.

For the entire return I will link to a video that starts the 3 parter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BII1rjoHdeU&feature=player_embedded

Now, finally, this week is the go home show to the Elimination Chamber and with the return of The Great One and his subsequent calling out of Cena, do I hope Cena wins and faces Miz at Wrestlemania? No. But unfortunately, that's what WWE probally wants because lord help us if a Wrestlemania main event goes by without Cena involved in it.

However, I do hope the true victorious one, is John Morrison because damnit I want to see the former tag team partners go at it at the Show of Shows. And speaking of former tag team partners, if Edge some how does regain his championship, one can only hope Christian returns soon enough and makes the World Heavyweight Championship a triple threat, because prior to his injury he WAS feuding with Alberto Del Rio.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/7/11 Truth pulls a Metallica, McMahon returns, and a dream (match) is crushed

Vincent Kennedy McMahon returns to WWE TV -

I honestly forgot I even put this event in my entry title until I was re-reading... without even mentioning what took him off TV in the first place... (Nexus beatdown) McMahon is all smiles as he promises a Guest Host for Wrestlemania 27 will be announced next week... and this one will be "epic"

CM Punk attacks on Orton explained -

I must say it was quite nice to go almost 3 years in the past to dig up the footage of when Orton and Legacy cost Punk his WHC without even the opportunity to defend it in a match at Unforgiven 2008.

Unfortunately, the tables are turned now, whereas Punk was a face then and Orton was heel. So I have no idea who I am supposed to be rooting for.

Either way, Punk and Nexus stormed the ring and beat down Orton but not before he got in a kick and headbutt seemingly breaking Punk's nose as the blood was a flowing.

R-Truth def. Mason Ryan via DQ -

According to Cena later in the show, Truth must have been partying a little too much after the Superbowl victory for Green Bay as after his traditional entrance rap, Truth asked the crowd in his typical fashion... GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN..... WHAT'S UP!? Unfortunately for Truth, they were in Milwaukee.

And it almost seemed that in a crowd swerve they started to chant for Ryan (heel) only because Truth (face) screwed up their city name.  Thank god there wasn't a riot.

The finish came when Ryan locked in some wierd leg over his head submission and actually won via tapout, but refused to let go of the hold and even went for a chair before the ref reversed his decision.

Eve, Tamina, and Gail Kim def. Melina, and the Bella Twins (who are now heel apparently) -

I honestly turned my head away from this match to start writing this and as usual even though they were a part of the team, the Bellas didn't actually have any ring time (kind of funny considering a few weeks ago Gail was in their position)

John Morrison def. Michael Maclacutty... MacGuyver... oh fuck it McG. via pinfall -

Standard match, good to see Morrison winning again... however after his victory Punk blind sided him with some spray into the eyes and a roundhouse kick to the skull. So apparently kicks to the skull isn't just strictly an Orton thing.

Daniel Bryan & Jerry Lawler def. Ted DiBiase & The Miz

Top of the hour ratings grab with this one, and it started with a back and forth between the #1 Contender and the WWE Champion about their upcoming match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. While Miz compared himself to a young Lawler about his great abilities on the mic (which indeed he does have) he insulted the Hall of Famer by mentioning that he has something he never will... a WWE Championship...

Do I think Lawler will win at EC 2011? Hell no! but do I expect him to lose clean? Hell no! So i half expect whoever causes Lawler to lose at the PPV will be his opponent at Wrestlemania. While it is unfortunate that "The King" might indeed retire without actually winning a Championship, its not like he wont leave behind a legacy.

Sheamus fought David Otunga Mark Henry to a no contest -

Pointless segment with Henry basically being tricked into destroying Sheamus when Justin Roberts came up to King Sheamus as he was walking to the ring and asked for his opinion on comments (we never heard him say) that Mark Henry said backstage.

Sheamus basically called out "Sexual Chocolate" err i mean "The World's Strongest Jobber" on his lack of championship reigns over his career time, and rather than Otunga even getting his match started Henry came down to the ring.

As the first contender against Triple H when HE FINALLY makes his return... this guy seriously needs to stop losing to midcarders in squashes and regular matches... FFS he was a WWE Champion... abeit by cheap methods, he was still a champion and now hes in comedy segments.

Another 2-21-11 Video Airs -

Well, the rumor of Sting has most definately been put to rest with this second version of the video we saw last week... while the video was similar they added one crucial change, the music that played during the promo for Shawn Michaels and Undertaker at last year's Wrestlemania. And with one obviously retired from wrestling and going into the hall of fame, who else in that equation wears a black trenchcoat?

CM Punk def. John Cena via DQ (for the second time in a row these two have fought) -

Knowing well that Punk planned on destroying him like all others in the #1 Contendership Chamber match, Cena got himself intentionally DQ'd via low blow and proceeded to fend off the obvious Nexus onslaught when King got up from ringside and handed him a steel chair.

So basically John Cena is the only one who will be 100% going into the chamber... yawn... I hope to god he doesn't win, but unfortunately all the little kiddies wanna see Cena win the championship again...

That does it for this week's episode of Monday Night RAW... have a great week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/31/11 Del Rio wins Royal Rumble, plus a few surprises planned?

Tonight on RAW had its ups and downs, ironically following an eventful Royal Rumble, one would think they would touch on the storylines that have apparently begun on this "Road to Wrestlemania"

Alberto Del Rio is the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner!

(and I kid you not, Santino Marella is the second place runner up)

Announcing his intention to challenge Edge for his World Championship at Wrestlemania, one can only assume that Smackdown's elimination chamber will either produce a third challenger causing a triple threat, or a completely new champion, giving Edge a rematch clause anyways. Now my early prediction for this scenario includes a returning Christian (who you all may remember was feuding with Del Rio before his injury last year)

During the WWE Championship match, The Miz was knocked out by an RKO and the Nexus (without Punk) ran to ringside to distract Orton as Riley slipped inside the ring. However, Orton turned around, and proceeded to toss Riley into the Nexus taking them all out, however Punk slipped from under the ring and proceeded to give Orton a G.T.S.knocking him out and dragging the unconscious arm of the WWE Champion over the challenger for the 3 count victory.

Wrestlemania Feud : Randy Orton v. CM Punk

Now, during the opening bout between tag team champions and the challengers Husky Harris and McG, Orton ran out (nearly knocking down the camera man) and proceeded to punt Harris in the skull while being pleaded with by Punk not to. But that was not all, during the RAW Rumble later on in the show, Orton came out 7th and immediately went after Punk, getting him eliminated before being knocked out by R-Truth. (really?)

Wrestlemania Feud 2 : John Cena v. The Miz

While not even being a part of Rumble (basically coming down with Alex Riley, who was) Riley ran back down to the ring after being eliminated, and distracted Cena while Miz came from behind and tossed him out. During the RAW Rumble however, everyone (good or bad) seemed to attack Cena, including at one point, Jerry Lawler. While Cena was on the ropes Sheamus sidestepped and tossed Lawler into Cena knocking him off the apron... but alas, as Sheamus went for his brogue kick on Lawler, The King sidestepped and Cena jumped up and pulled the top rope down and Sheamus went flying over and out.

And with that, two elimination chamber pay-per-view matches have been decided...

The Miz (c) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler for the WWE Championship


John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth
in the RAW Elimination Chamber #1 Contendership Match

Now my early picks for winning this match (as it is the final match until Wrestlemania) are either

John Morrison (because he is just so damn cool to watch)
or John Cena (basically because of the feud that started at the Rumble)
Orton and Punk I see going at it and causing each other's elimination,
whereas Truth doesnt have a shot in hell of main eventing Wrestlemania at this moment.
Sheamus I see being eliminated by a returning Triple H which leads to...

Wrestlemania Feud #3 Triple H vs. Sheamus

As for King, I highly expect King not to win this match, but not to lose cleanly either. I half expect Michael "Miz's other bitch" Cole to get involved much like he did during the TLC match they had back in December and once again cost his broadcast ally the championship. This of course will lead to...

Wrestlemania Feud #4 Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Some other notes from last nights episode include the un-official break up of Ted DiBiase and Maryse, as after insulting Lawler for taking the seventh spot in the RAW Rumble, DiBiase proceeded to hold Maryse as a human shield as Lawler went to punch him. 

She proceeded to turn around, slap him silly, check her nails and walk off.... and then Lawler punched DiBiase anyways (which looked like it actually connected IMO) 

The Great Khali made his triumphant return last night at the Royal Rumble and didn't waste any time botching it up during a comedic segment in which Khali and Mark Henry (I guess) won a dance off against the Usos, after the GM rang in saying that it was physically unfair for the brothers to face Henry and Khali.

After finishing their lame excuse for dancing, the Usos (who I guess lost by the amounts of cheering for Khali's failed double wave) proceeded to attack the 800+ pound duo and were quickly laid out, but Khali apparently wasn't told in his language this wasn't a match and he went for a pin anyways.

And finally, a video promo was aired twice showing a person wearing a dark trenchcoat walking through a thunderstorm and the fiery red numbers showing the date 2 21 11... Obviously a debut teaser for someone either coming into WWE or returning (Undertaker???)... now the style of the video and the irony that the previous night we saw the returns of two former WCW turned WWE guys Booker T and Kevin Nash (as Diesel) one HAS to think that hell as frozen over and

perhaps... just perhaps...

Sting will finally join the WWE.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/24/11 All Hell Breaks Loose! Its Royal Rumble Time!

Hello again all you fabulous people, its time for this week edition of the RAW report with your host. Well obviously you know who your host is or else you wouldn't be here... Anywho, here we go...

Edge def. Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, and Tyson Kidd in an over the top rope exhibition

Edge came out with bruised ribs from last weeks Nexus... err I mean former Nexus... err I mean Corre beatdown...oh who gives a crap... a bunch of guys destroyed Edge in the ring, and now hes wearing a bandage to prove it.

After trying to start his Champion v. Champion match NOW instead of later, the GM rings in, much to Edge's dismay (as you may remember before he left RAW most recently he destroyed the computer after it gave him so much grief) and assigned the exhibition with the prestigious Rumble Spot #40 on the line for the winner.

However, considering Edge defeated all of his opponents does that mean he enters at #40 now?

Mason Ryan officially keeps his FCW name, and apparently even botches promos like his "counterpart" Dave Batista. When handed the mic to say a "few words" Mason didn't wait for the crowd to die down, and Punk had to repeat what his "enforcer" just said.

Punk insulted The Corre, (which I apologize for last week's ignorance, apparently Corre isnt supposed to have an american meaning, it is apparently an old english word) and Barrett brought his group out confirming that Smackdown superstars were indeed on RAW tonight to promote the upcoming PPV.

The GM makes a match tonight, CM Punk v. Wade Barrett with John Cena as special referee, and which ever "captain" loses, their entire group is out of the rumble.

Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus def. Mark Henry & John Morrison via submission

Morrison and Sheamus continued their ongoing feud by fighting each other to the outside of the ring, while Del Rio managed to get Henry to tap out to his arm bar submission...

Natalya def. Melina for the Divas Championship via submission

The long awaited Divas Championship match is given to us tonight, and not at the PPV (or will it?) and Natalya basically has to break the flexible little minx Melina in half to get her to tap out to the Sharpshooter.

However, more Smackdown superstars make their presence known in the form of Lay-Cool coming out and basically explaining that after losing the championship at Survivor Series, Lay-Cool technically never had their rematch so at the Royal Rumble... it will be Natalya vs. one member of Lay-Cool. for the Divas Championship

Backstage, the New Nexus is seen talking without Punk regarding how Barrett's group is going solo and their strict job is to help Punk win... yet the gaps involved worry Harris thinking that they may not be brought out quick enough to prevent Punk from being eliminated... to which Punk replies that he had to sacrifice his own personal well being to defeat John Cena... but yet he did defeat John Cena.

Edge def. The Miz via disqualification

Great match, too many commercials, Ziggler, who acts professional up until the very end eventually grabs Edge's feet and pulls him into the ring corner causing the DQ...

Ziggler and Miz beat up on Edge until Randy Orton makes the save and goes after Miz while Edge goes after Ziggler. Chaos breaks out in the ring, and several RKOs lay out Ziggler and Riley, and a knee shot from the briefcase takes out Orton as Miz grabs his championship and bails.

Maryse, Ted DiBiase, and Alicia Fox def. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, and Daniel Bryan via pinfall

Maryse breaks her own personal losing streak, and by default DiBiase's by picking up the victory by pinning one of the Bellas as the other distracted Bryan from breaking up the pin by kissing him. It seems Alicia has been given the Gail Kim treatment as I swear I never saw her even enter the ring before the match was over... Now IMO were the Bellas actually wrestling in swim suits or is that what you consider wrestling attire?

Speaking of Gail Kim, a backstage segment airs right after this match showing the Bellas upset with one another, and Michael Tarver once again hanging out backstage (whats his deal?) Now, TBH when they showed Daniel Bryan's dressing room and the coincedence that Tarver was present during the Teddy Long storyline last week, I half expected to find D Bryan face down (and suspect Tarver even more) but alas...The Bellas dont find Bryan unconcious, instead they find him kissing Gail Kim... and a brawl breaks out between the ladies as Bryan tries to restrain them.

Quite a hilarious comment is made to the internet trolls as Gail Kim stated she felt sorry for the Bellas as they haven't had much to do since the Guest Host thing ended... Bravo Kim, bravo!

Husky Harris & Michael McGullicuty def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov via pinfall

Apparently this match is to decide if the New Nexus is qualified to challenge for the Tag Titles, and several distractions later, they pick up the victory...

Now this match was clearly put on as the penultimate as a way for the Nexus to pick up microphones right after and start hyping the main event and put over their leader CM Punk even more... which it seems is Otunga's only thing he is actually good at lately

Wade Barrett and CM Punk fought to a double disqualification

One of Cena's first acts as special ref for this match was removing the "bad guys" from ringside, to which without them even doing anything Cena throws the Nexus out from ringside... and the place goes crazy...

But he isn't done yet ... not by far... as even thought Barrett mentioned no further hostility against Cena and that he has actually come to respect him and hopes Cena respects him back, Cena removes the Corre from ringside as well...

Now before the match bell even rings, Cena proceeds to slap and torment both guys in an attempt to get one of them to hit him and get themselves disqualified. But instead the two men go at it, until Cena calls for the bell and explains to the time keeper that it the match will end in a Double DQ for excessive swearing on a PG show... (another nod to the internet trolls that said OMG CENA just said ASS a few weeks ago)

But the RAW GM announces that due to Cena's abuse of power, Both groups will be in the Rumble... and almost as if a gunshot is heard, both groups run down the ring to protect their leaders and turn their eyes toward Cena, who prepares to get outnumbered rather quickly... Until the locker room empties to the sound of the Big Show's theme and all hell breaks loose as Cole tries to hype the Rumble as much as he can before mid action the show ends.

I personally won't be ordering the PPV this weekend, as I will be working. >o< but I honestly can hope for several things to occur...

1. Triple H makes his return eliminating Sheamus re-igniting their feud from last year...
2. Amazing Kong makes her debut during the Divas match, or possibly the Rumble idk
3. Jericho has been rather talkative lately on the social networking sites saying "he wont be back in WWE for a while" so it might be shocking to see him return
4. Christian has been reported as being sidelined until post Wrestlemania, so my dream Edge v. Christian match is out the window.
5. John Morrison might win, to put forth my other dream Wrestlemania match... hopefully

I have expect all champions to retain their titles... unless the Divas championship ends in a screwjob due to a debuting Kong alligning herself with Lay-Cool

And with that, I wish you all a happy week, and Ill see you next monday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 Barrett's Nexus gets a new name, but forgets to spell-check it

Calling themselves the "Core" but spelling it C-O-R-R-E Barrett allows each of his members to introduce themselves to the crowd, and emphasizes that this new group is about individuality and not one particular leader (ex. Barrett) will be in direct benefit.

Teddy Long comes out and announces that he is not some stupid computer and he has authority ... and bla bla bla... "if you try to pull a Nexus... you'll be removed from the show..." And then only a few minutes later during the first match... Long is mysteriously shown unconscious backstage with the list of suspects standing around him.

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and the returning Michael Tarver.

Now I say suspects because the situation is all too evident that someone intentionally did this to Long as Cole reveals that "someone overheard the medics, and they are saying that Long suffered blunt trauma to the head."

Which leads me to think that either Tarver did it, and he will re-group with his former Nexus brethren some time in the future, or Vickie herself did it in order to assume complete control over Smackdown with Long removed from duty. Either way, lets just hope that someone doesnt go around for the next couple of weeks accusing everyone and then turn around and admit it was actually him/her self. (ala Kane v. Taker coma storyline)

Either way, as Vickie returns to "her" office, she finds the Core (i refuse to spell it the improper way) waiting for her to basically say they were not responsible and Vickie informs them that one of their group will face Edge tonight, and to do "what they are known for"

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission

Continuing their cross brand feud, this would be the third match between these two over the last couple of weeks, and the first won by submission. It almost seems IMO that ADR caught Truth in his armbar a little too close to the ropes, and Truth could've grabbed the bottom rope but would've had to stress his caught arm, so instead he takes the smart route and taps out to save himself for the Rumble. Now some time around the middle of the match, ADR pulled off that enziguri (sp?) kick to the back of Truth's head and I have to say my god what a sound effect it gave off... you'd have thought his neck was broken

Beth Phoenix def. Layla via pinfall

Standard divas match of Smackdown standards, however it ended so quickly Michelle McCool didn't even have time to get involved... After one submission reveral Phoenix lifted Layla up and slammed her down onto her own elbow, which she may or may not have injured, as she was favoring it after the match.

Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall

I honestly jumped ahead of my replay of this match, as this matchup doesnt intrigue me at all... mainly because I am not a fan of the John Cena of Smackdown, and Cody Rhodes' gimmick is actually starting to wear off on me

However, a 619 to the face of Rhodes leaves him holding his hands over it to cover it and doesnt even attempt to kick out of such a weak looking dead man slam.

Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston in an amateur wrestling challenge 10 to 9

Swagger scored 3 takedowns, but Kofi broke from all of them. Bringing the score 6-3 as you get 2 points for a takedown, and 1 for breaking free.. However, Swagger stalled and demanded a recount as he apparently had a fourth takedown that wasn't counted... so upon ref decision the score was made 8-4.

Swagger then took Kofi down once again and proceeded to taunt "Kof" as he kept calling him while slapping him the back of the head to bring the score to 10-4. However, Kofi turned off the offensive and proceeded to take down Swagger for two and hold him down for a numerous amount of seconds scoring 5 points... and somewhere at this point I lost all idea on how the actual scoring system works, but the match ended as such with Swagger defeating the Intercontinental Champion in a meaningless match.... and recieved a trouble in paradise for his efforts.

So intentionally, even though Swagger kind of cheated, Kofi did hit the winner after losing, showing just how unmodest he can be... but yet the people cheer and they play his music... and in a rare occasion, I agree with Cole.

Drew McIntyre def. Trent Baretta via pinfall

This match is a continuation of the "is he good or bad hearted" storyline that seems to be what Drew is involved in the last couple of weeks... and just as it seems Baretta has the upper hand by going to the top rope, Drew climbs the inner ropes and launches Barretta over head in a modified suplex for the win... and instead of continuing to beat Barreta down... (as he has done in recent weeks post match) he actually offers his hand to his opponent... (take that Kofi!) only to be punched in the face by Trent.

Now almost as if a switch was pulled this instantly infuriates McIntyre and he proceeds to unleash a flurry of punches on Barreta until Kelly Kelly runs down (or walks as fast as she could in that dress of hers) to the ring and orders Drew to stop, but instead of talking to him, she walks past and tends to Barreta

Now, clearly this is a night of bad spelling as someone added another R to the name of Barrett's group, and for the life of me I cannot remember if Trent's last name has two Rs or two Ts, or both.

The Miz shows up on Smackdown to hype the Champion vs. Champion match next week on RAW. Edge arrives and orders Miz to leave his ring and leave his show. Miz respectfully obliges but Riley refuses and gets a spear for his efforts.

The Corre debuts their new titantron and theme song (well actually Barrett used it briefly last week as what I thought was his solo theme but meh) and Justin Gabriel is the opponent choosen to face Edge.

Justin Gabriel def. Edge via pinfall

During this match Ziggler was on commentary and some time during the constant off topic arguing that Cole and Striker were going on about,  Ziggler basically tells them both to shut the hell up so he can concentrate on his opponent. Amen Dolph! Amen!

During the middle of the match, Edge was down and Gabriel ascended to the top rope to perform his finisher, but Edge awoke and it almost seemed as if Gabriel did not have a back up plan as he attempted a cross body only to be slammed to the mat by an Edge reversal

Attempting to kick Edge from the apron, Gabriel gets his leg caught by Edge reversed into a neckbreaker on the top rope and literally busts his ass on the edge of the apron. Now attempting to perfect what Gabriel tried earlier. Edge ascends to the toprope and proceeds to connect with a crossbody... however he goes for the pin and only scores 2.

Gabriel rolls into the corner to collect himself and Edge goes into spear position, however the other Core members start distracting Edge from various directions, first Barrett from behind Gabriel, who gets restrained by the referee to then Slater getting hit by Edge only then taking an unseen clothesline from Ezekial as the ref had his back turned and didn't see it dealing with Barrett.

Now, this does not end the show, as the Core re-enters the ring to celebrate with their victorious member and proceed to surround the Champion ala Nexus. First another killer clothesline (is that his new finisher?) from Ezekial, followed by a Sweetness from Slater. A Wasteland from Barrett and the "icing on the cake" 450 Splash from Gabriel.

As Vickie smiles from ringside, Ziggler enters the ring, and places a foot over Edge's unconscious body

Have a great weekend! (I swear I will think of a unique sign off soon enough lol)

Monday, January 17, 2011

1/17/2011 FCW Champion debuts on RAW!!! and joins the Nexus

1/17/2011 FCW Champion debuts on RAW!!! and joins the Nexus

Hello again, my prestigious readers. Tonight we saw the "return" of John Cena (for the month of January) and with him, his lame jokes, his corny humor, and at least he cracked a joke at the PG rating.

Although Cena, and almost everyone else on the show mentioned they were entering the Rumble this year... there could only be so many in the 30-man match... or could there? As the match has officially been increased to a 40-man match, one has to think... just how many special returns and/or debuts will there be this year?

Now of course, this is also to include the Nexus... as during a brawl between New Nexus and Cena. The GM rang in and told Punk that if any of the Nexus members interferred in their match tonight, they would be removed from the Rumble.

Marella & Koslov d. The Usos via pinfall for the TAG TEAM Championship

With the cobra... nuff said. Until WWE removes the fact that the Tag Division has become a joke , why not let the #1 Joke of a wrestler hold onto the belt.

John Morrison d. Daniel Bryan via pinfall

In a rare occasion, WWE actually gives us a great match pairing without the usage of the "good" guy versus "bad." Besides the amazing counters each wrestler kept unleashing against one another, it took a running knee to keep D Bryan down for the count.

Now its worth noting however, that during commentary of this match Michael Cole starts mentioning that the relationship between Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins is something he considers strange to which I thought to myself... "OK Cole you are basically saying a man hanging out with two women is strange..." now homosexual jokes aside... later on Cole redeemed himself a little bit by saying he had gone to heaven by having to sit between Melina and Eve during the Divas match.

Natalya d. Maryse via submission

During this match as well, we saw a crappy job Melina can do as a heel commentator and a gigantic backside that Eve Torres has when wearing a tight dress.

Now after Maryse lost she began to insult Cole in french until DiBiase came out as unmotivated as he could be and tries to calm her down.

She calls him a loser, and basically says that his curse is affecting her as well, to which DiBiase claims HE will win the Royal Rumble and challenges anyone to a over the top rope challenge... Yeah, good luck DiBiase you can barely win any matches since being broken up from Legacy and now you think you can be a main eventer at Wrestlemania? HAH

Mark Henry d. Ted DiBiase in an over-the-top-rope challenge

Now, as Henry's music starts to play one thinks this segment is over, but soon William Regal leads the charge with an entire army of midcarders as they attempt to prove they will win the Royal Rumble...(by eliminating Mark Henry...?) which notably includes the former Nexus member Darren Young... who hasn't really been seen on RAW since his failed comeback the RAW before Night of Champions.

Now this turned out to be a pointless battle royal, until Sheamus or rather King Sheamus ran down to the ring and proceeded to eliminate everyone else except Henry who manages instead to eliminate the englishman... now this proves two things IMO... Sheamus will be in the Royal Rumble going after the championship opportunity like everyone else, and Triple H will be one of the "returns" I mentioned about earlier.

Randy Orton d. Dolph Ziggler in a Contender vs. Contender match via pinfall

Vickie is SUCH a heat magnet... Afterall, Justin Roberts announced she was coming out and the crowd did not even boo or hiss that loudly but the moment she opened her mouth... the booing was outrageous!

Ziggler managed to hold his own against Orton and for a moment it even looked like Orton would pass out from the sleeper hold but alas one of those out of nowhere RKO's and this one is finished.

However, The Miz and Alex Riley proceed to jump Orton and beat the holy hell out of him, and even toss Jerry Lawler over the barricades into the audience when he, once again, gets in the WWE Champion's face.

The Miz vs. Edge is announced for next week in a Champion vs. Champion match

John Cena d. CM Punk via disqualication

Now I have said it time and time again Cena needs to stop winning all of his damn matches, and this one I actually thought might be the first time Cena would actually tap out to a submission move that Punk was using ... now I am not actually sure if its called the Anaconda Vise that Punk was known  to use, as I havent actually seen him use it...

But apparently even SuperCena refuses to pass out as well... and Cena makes it the ropes, reverses a couple of moves and eventually goes for the Super Hulk Hogan Leg Drop off the top rope... which actually connects... and yet Punk (thank god!) kicks out... and at this point we are well into overtime here on the east coast and I am beginning to wonder just what it will take to end this epic confrontation... until my answer is revealed in the form of a mystery audience member who enters the ring and quite frankly looks so damn similar to Batista I actually thought it WAS Batista.

Turns out this man's name is Mason Ryan and down in WWE Developmental he is currently the FCW Champion... and sure enough this man proceeds to first kick Punk in the face, scoring the win for Cena... and then demolishing Cena as well... before taking his Nexus armband from the ankle of Punk and pledging his allegience to the group...

So as we saw on Friday night, Big Zeke has joined Wade Barrett and his Exiled crew, while this big man has joined New Nexus... clearly we are heading for a showdown... and at least two of the combinations of strength and leadership will be matched...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special #1 - The unintentional fail that the Nexus has become.

A group of rookies becomes a dominant force...

Wade Barrett - Wins NXT in June 2010, shows up on RAW as a brand new member of the roster on June 7th, 2010 and announces that a "change" is coming and something "epic" will occur tonight. The rest is history.

During John Cena and CM Punk's main event that night, the other NXT rookies surrounded the ring, hopped the barricade, beat up everyone, security, announcers, Luke Gallows, destroyed the ring, both above and below, ripped up floor pads.. choked Justin Roberts with a tie, and demolished John Cena with all their individual finishers.

Now for the next couple of weeks, the Nexus, like the sharks they were being compared to, would surround the ring as they did during their unofficial debut as a group and proceed to deliver "beatings" to anyone they basically decided to, from hall of famers, to other RAW roster members, to General Managers, and even the WWE CEO Vincent K. McMahon.

Their interference in Cena's match was not unique as for the next couple weeks, it seemed like Nexus was screwing with Cena personally and even cost him a few victories on PPV, by first causing him to lose his WWE Championship at Fatal 4 Way, and then preventing him from recapturing it at Money in the Bank the following month.

Now, this is where it all starts to go down hill...

SummerSlam 2010.. Nexus versus Team WWE (which stupidly shouldve been called Team RAW because they're were no members of Smackdown on the team as at the time Nexus had clearly only interfered during RAW matches) and what should've been a victory to SHOW how dominant they really were turned into an embarassing loss, as "Superman" Cena managed once again to "beat the odds" by surviving a outside the ring concrete DDT, dodging out of the way of Gabriel's 450 Splash, pinning him, and then making Wade Barrett tap out. 

Now I know WWE wants the little kiddies to believe what is going on is real, and they try to make it seem as literal as you can for a PG show, but seriously... try running your head into a wall of concrete... DONT DO IT !!! and see if you don't wake up in a hospital a few hours later wondering why you feel stupid all of a sudden from loss of brain cells. What im alluding to is, the finish of the SummerSlam main event shouldve seen Nexus defeat WWE and prove they were indeed dominant as they had so claimed over the past weeks.

Daniel Bryan gets fired, returns, wins US Championship... Darren Young gets removed and forgotten...

But instead, what we got out of that loss was a storyline of weeding out the weak links in the group and through that, the beatdown and removal of Darren Young from the group. Now he did re-debut seemingly as a face when he came down to the ring and mentioned "you think you can get away with what you did to me?" not once but twice (the guy started talking while his theme was still playing so he had to repeat himself, a botch on his part) and instead of getting the "exiled guy gets his revenge storyline" we saw Darren recieve a RKO for distracting Barrett and his replacement as a "C" show performer on Superstars or dark matches prior to RAW shows.

With Daniel Bryan gone from the very beginning following the "tie incident" his re-debut has undoubtly given him much better success than any one member of the Nexus has yet to achieve. The guy returns from being FIRED to go on to become the United States champion by making the current WWE Champion tap out. And since then he has managed to defend that belt on numerous occasions and is now a pro on the show that made him a WWE Star.

Skip Sheffield ankle injury... Michael Tarver groin injury... Rotunda Jr. and Hennig Jr. join Nexus... (what you didn't think you'd seen the last of these 2nd gen superstars?)

Unfortunately, what also slowed down the momentum of the Nexus, was actual injury. Skip Sheffield broke his ankle in a house show and was silently dropped from the group when he was obviously unable to make television appearances... (why he couldn't just come to the ring in crutches? or did WWE think that would make Nexus look weak... after SummerSlam... it wouldn't have mattered)

Now of course there was another injury later on, but fortunately, we saw the mercenaries from NXT 2 Michael McGillicuty, and Husky Harris join the faction after they cost Cena his match at Hell in a Cell, which as we knew the stipulation going into that match... John Cena was now a member of the Nexus. A babyface superstar... the FACE of the WWE as he is called, and every child in the audience and at home watching WWE's hero... was now forced to work for the enemy... but alas, instead of conforming to their ways, Cena proceeded to fight the evil from within... and when Tarver injured his groin he was written off by being the first and only victim of Cena's internal destruction of Nexus.

Now of course for those who dont know Michael McGillicuty's real name is Joe Henning, the son of Curt Hennig the late Mr. Perfect. And Husky Harris, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, is the son of Mike Rotunda, the former Irwin R. Schyster. So despite not winning NXT 2 these two "rookies" were not going anywhere as being 2nd gen superstars has its advantages in a company such as WWE.

Barrett fails to set an example, as he is not the first in the faction to win a championship.

Now as we know now, Barrett would recieve multiple WWE Championship opportunities over the last couple months and in-directly made every "original" Nexus member (not removed from the group)  a champion before himself. I speak of which of David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater.

Now, as we know, he forced Otunga to relinquish the title the night after he won it simply because he was partnered with Cena who was doing everything he could to prevent Barrett from becoming dominant. So all Otunga's victory led to was more static between the two... but nonetheless, Barrett DID make him a champion in the first place by giving him that opportunity.


So as we saw on this past weeks RAW, Punk has christened his NEW NEXUS by keeping Michael McGillicuty and Husky Harris, as well as David Otunga... (so obviously his static between himself and Barrett remained intact as he would rather inflict pain upon himself than abandon the stable) and seemingly eliminated Gabriel and Slater as they refused to follow his direction and walked out on the Jesus Christ wannabe.

According to the spoilers for this week's Smackdown however, during his debut match against the Big Show... Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel run down to the ring to assist their former leader... until Ezekial Jackson makes his big smackdown debut and runs down to supposedly make the save for Show... however... he instead joins in on the beating and the four seemingly form a group that night.

Now here's where I start asking questions... as I said at the very beginning... Punk was a part of the match when Nexus debuted and was beatdown while not as severe as John Cena (all the finishers) he was indeed beat down outside the ring by all eight dudes... Is he indeed going to "lead" them or IMO like he did on monday, proceed to enact his revenge slowly and surely until a mutiny evolves.

And what about Otunga, as I said... Barrett MADE him a champion... and yet he sides with Punk, only to get a hellatious beating from the Big Show... to which if I was Otunga, as well as the other two... I would be thinking "what in the hell am I doing this for? to be part a faction that has completely lost its steam from our debut and instead of going after the 'big picture' has now become a civil war?"

I do hope this faction fixes itself and becomes the dominant force it once was, pre-Summerslam... because damn WWE if they ruin what could've been a great storyline.