Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 Barrett's Nexus gets a new name, but forgets to spell-check it

Calling themselves the "Core" but spelling it C-O-R-R-E Barrett allows each of his members to introduce themselves to the crowd, and emphasizes that this new group is about individuality and not one particular leader (ex. Barrett) will be in direct benefit.

Teddy Long comes out and announces that he is not some stupid computer and he has authority ... and bla bla bla... "if you try to pull a Nexus... you'll be removed from the show..." And then only a few minutes later during the first match... Long is mysteriously shown unconscious backstage with the list of suspects standing around him.

Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and the returning Michael Tarver.

Now I say suspects because the situation is all too evident that someone intentionally did this to Long as Cole reveals that "someone overheard the medics, and they are saying that Long suffered blunt trauma to the head."

Which leads me to think that either Tarver did it, and he will re-group with his former Nexus brethren some time in the future, or Vickie herself did it in order to assume complete control over Smackdown with Long removed from duty. Either way, lets just hope that someone doesnt go around for the next couple of weeks accusing everyone and then turn around and admit it was actually him/her self. (ala Kane v. Taker coma storyline)

Either way, as Vickie returns to "her" office, she finds the Core (i refuse to spell it the improper way) waiting for her to basically say they were not responsible and Vickie informs them that one of their group will face Edge tonight, and to do "what they are known for"

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission

Continuing their cross brand feud, this would be the third match between these two over the last couple of weeks, and the first won by submission. It almost seems IMO that ADR caught Truth in his armbar a little too close to the ropes, and Truth could've grabbed the bottom rope but would've had to stress his caught arm, so instead he takes the smart route and taps out to save himself for the Rumble. Now some time around the middle of the match, ADR pulled off that enziguri (sp?) kick to the back of Truth's head and I have to say my god what a sound effect it gave off... you'd have thought his neck was broken

Beth Phoenix def. Layla via pinfall

Standard divas match of Smackdown standards, however it ended so quickly Michelle McCool didn't even have time to get involved... After one submission reveral Phoenix lifted Layla up and slammed her down onto her own elbow, which she may or may not have injured, as she was favoring it after the match.

Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes via pinfall

I honestly jumped ahead of my replay of this match, as this matchup doesnt intrigue me at all... mainly because I am not a fan of the John Cena of Smackdown, and Cody Rhodes' gimmick is actually starting to wear off on me

However, a 619 to the face of Rhodes leaves him holding his hands over it to cover it and doesnt even attempt to kick out of such a weak looking dead man slam.

Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston in an amateur wrestling challenge 10 to 9

Swagger scored 3 takedowns, but Kofi broke from all of them. Bringing the score 6-3 as you get 2 points for a takedown, and 1 for breaking free.. However, Swagger stalled and demanded a recount as he apparently had a fourth takedown that wasn't counted... so upon ref decision the score was made 8-4.

Swagger then took Kofi down once again and proceeded to taunt "Kof" as he kept calling him while slapping him the back of the head to bring the score to 10-4. However, Kofi turned off the offensive and proceeded to take down Swagger for two and hold him down for a numerous amount of seconds scoring 5 points... and somewhere at this point I lost all idea on how the actual scoring system works, but the match ended as such with Swagger defeating the Intercontinental Champion in a meaningless match.... and recieved a trouble in paradise for his efforts.

So intentionally, even though Swagger kind of cheated, Kofi did hit the winner after losing, showing just how unmodest he can be... but yet the people cheer and they play his music... and in a rare occasion, I agree with Cole.

Drew McIntyre def. Trent Baretta via pinfall

This match is a continuation of the "is he good or bad hearted" storyline that seems to be what Drew is involved in the last couple of weeks... and just as it seems Baretta has the upper hand by going to the top rope, Drew climbs the inner ropes and launches Barretta over head in a modified suplex for the win... and instead of continuing to beat Barreta down... (as he has done in recent weeks post match) he actually offers his hand to his opponent... (take that Kofi!) only to be punched in the face by Trent.

Now almost as if a switch was pulled this instantly infuriates McIntyre and he proceeds to unleash a flurry of punches on Barreta until Kelly Kelly runs down (or walks as fast as she could in that dress of hers) to the ring and orders Drew to stop, but instead of talking to him, she walks past and tends to Barreta

Now, clearly this is a night of bad spelling as someone added another R to the name of Barrett's group, and for the life of me I cannot remember if Trent's last name has two Rs or two Ts, or both.

The Miz shows up on Smackdown to hype the Champion vs. Champion match next week on RAW. Edge arrives and orders Miz to leave his ring and leave his show. Miz respectfully obliges but Riley refuses and gets a spear for his efforts.

The Corre debuts their new titantron and theme song (well actually Barrett used it briefly last week as what I thought was his solo theme but meh) and Justin Gabriel is the opponent choosen to face Edge.

Justin Gabriel def. Edge via pinfall

During this match Ziggler was on commentary and some time during the constant off topic arguing that Cole and Striker were going on about,  Ziggler basically tells them both to shut the hell up so he can concentrate on his opponent. Amen Dolph! Amen!

During the middle of the match, Edge was down and Gabriel ascended to the top rope to perform his finisher, but Edge awoke and it almost seemed as if Gabriel did not have a back up plan as he attempted a cross body only to be slammed to the mat by an Edge reversal

Attempting to kick Edge from the apron, Gabriel gets his leg caught by Edge reversed into a neckbreaker on the top rope and literally busts his ass on the edge of the apron. Now attempting to perfect what Gabriel tried earlier. Edge ascends to the toprope and proceeds to connect with a crossbody... however he goes for the pin and only scores 2.

Gabriel rolls into the corner to collect himself and Edge goes into spear position, however the other Core members start distracting Edge from various directions, first Barrett from behind Gabriel, who gets restrained by the referee to then Slater getting hit by Edge only then taking an unseen clothesline from Ezekial as the ref had his back turned and didn't see it dealing with Barrett.

Now, this does not end the show, as the Core re-enters the ring to celebrate with their victorious member and proceed to surround the Champion ala Nexus. First another killer clothesline (is that his new finisher?) from Ezekial, followed by a Sweetness from Slater. A Wasteland from Barrett and the "icing on the cake" 450 Splash from Gabriel.

As Vickie smiles from ringside, Ziggler enters the ring, and places a foot over Edge's unconscious body

Have a great weekend! (I swear I will think of a unique sign off soon enough lol)

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