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1/10/2011 #3 New-Nexus Appears! The First HOF Inductee for 2011 is announced! and John Cena pulls a Mae Young

1/10/2011 #3 New-Nexus Appears! The First HOF Inductee for 2011 is announced! and John Cena pulls a Mae Young

Following last weeks actions on the top of the cell, CM Punk walks out to the ring debuting a new version of the Nexus titantron and his former Straight Edge Society theme, complete with new icon and shirt to sell at the stands... Horray for marketing ! Punk mentions that in order to be a part of "his" new faction, (which is funny considering HE is the newest member of THEIR faction) the previous Nexus members are going to need to pass sacrificial tests tonight.

McGullicuty is 1st, and he proceeds to take every other member of Nexus' finisher following up with the GTS from Punk... and the wierdness begins as instead of leaving him dead center in the middle of the ring as has been Nexus way, they carry him out together like hes a martyr.

Alberto Del Rio d. R-Truth via countout

This rematch from last week was quite comical to me, because it had 2 guys who I barely understand as it is, I speak of course about R-Truth who always sounds out of breath during his entrance rap, and Ricardo Rodriguez, who I have never been able to understand since ADR's debut.

However, like last week's Smackdown, Ricardo manages to interfere and help his master by keeping R-Truth outside the ring long enough, and was given a right hand for his efforts. After the match Alberto cut a terrible promo that I think was meant for commercial break because it was so horrible I wish I had not seen it.

Nexus Sacrifice #2 Husky Harris

2nd on Punk's list of sacrifices is Husky Harris, and his sacrifice involves giving up his stupid name. No just kidding. But in reality something a little more comical wouldve sufficed, instead we watch as Otunga, Slater, and Gabriel each whip Husky 3 times with a leather belt followed up by a berserk Punk whipping him multiple times.  Even at this point Jerry Lawler starts basically saying "WTF" over commentary, and personally I agree

Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry d. Ted DiBiase & Tyson Kidd via pinfall

This match was a rematch from Superstars last week (or for those who dont watch Superstars this could technically be considered a repeat match) that I truly believe was meant to be on RAW in the first place but was booted in favor of the more anticipated WWE Championship match.

Now, its worth noting that all this match proved tonight was that the burial of Ted DiBiase continues and Tyson Kidd has now joined the hearse... Jackson Andrews was once again not at ringside, and Kidd gets beat by Mark "doomed to be midcard for life" Henry... I must say though that it was refreshing seeing the dresses that the Bella Twins wore at ringside, only sucks that we came back from commercial and both teams were already in the ring and we didnt get to see more of them. (Wow! did I actually just say I wanted to see more of the Bellas?)

Nexus Sacrifice #3 David Otunga

A clip mentioning Wade Barrett's move over to Smackdown is aired, and Big Show himself comes to the ring to declare his intent to knock out Barrett much like HE was knocked out of Nexus. The NewNexus arrrives on the scene and while Punk, Gabriel, and Slater stand at the top of the ramp, Otunga walks down and gets into the ring with Show.

He proceeds to slap him and stand back with open arms almost accepting that he is about to get beat. Of course Big Show obliges and beats the living hell out of Otunga finishing him with a chokeslam and a knockout punch without Otunga even getting to his feet. 

John Morrison d. King Sheamus via pinfall

I guess you could consider this Round 4 between these two in their neverending side feud over who will be #1 Contender. Either way, like every Morrison match he flips around , hurts himself, gets nearly beat... then pulls a miracle victory out of his shaman pants and defeats the englishman, who apparantly now has the King name added to his titantron.

Nexus Sacrifices #4 & 5 Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater... or not

Backstage Punk hands the two remaining Old Nexus members a Kendo stick and orders them to attack each other until he tells them to stop, but they hesitate and refuse. So Punk himself demands they hit HIM with the Kendo sticks until he says... but instead the two former tag team champions seemingly quit New Nexus... dropping the Kendo sticks and walking out to a huge cheering reaction from the crowd.

No idea where this storyline is going, but the amount of people being exiled from the Nexus is starting to equal those in the group, perhaps a Old Nexus v. New Nexus showdown is in the works? After all Skip Sheffield is due back pretty soon and it has been reported that Michael Tarver is down in FCW working off the ring rust due to his groin injury that is now healed.

Maybe they will join Barrett on Smackdown, I hear their roster is a little thin these days.

The First 2011 Hall of Fame Nominee is... SHAWN MICHAELS

Now according to the preview for RAW tonight, it was mentioned that former wrestler now backstage guy Arn Anderson will be one of them inductees for the 2011 HOF, however... in passing on commentary Lawler mentions that they will publically announce the first inductee tonight and will blow the roof off the building!!

Sure enough, it wasn't Arn Anderson... it was mother effin Shawn "Heartbreak Kid" Michaels... and the people go crazy as a video package airs covering his career leading up to his retirement match at last years Wrestlemania. But thats not all... as the HBK music starts to play Shawn himself comes out to a rather mediocre reaction considering the situation and without even saying a word gets into the ring and grabs a mic to start talking... until...

Alberto Del Rio... yes Alberto Del Rio decides to interrupt the occasion and spit more crap about becoming the winner of the Royal Rumble and becoming the next "Mr. Wrestlemania" to which Shawn... still without saying a word proceeds to give ADR a Sweet Chin Music and leaves in silence... and ill admit I was clapping the entire segment

John Cena challenges Punk to a match next week, and pulls a Mae Young!

After a rather questionable segment with CM Punk threatening to jump off the top of the titantron, he in fact was never planning on doing this but again all for a crowd reaction... (some of which really were screaming "Jump" i swear)... the New Nexus (jeezus i am already tired of using that name) comes down to the ring obviously without Slater and Gabriel and Punk proceeds to state that Cena IS not in the arena again due to the injuries he sustained. 

However, Cena appears on the titantron, cuts a good promo and even curses without a censor bleep which was actually quite refreshing.

Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler d. The Miz & Alex Riley via pinfall

The main event tag match announced by the GM earlier after a rather questionable email segment speaking of how Cole is the greatest and more handsome commentator ever, was rather obvious imo.

Miz is afraid of Orton 1 on 1 and Orton used this to keep Miz in his corner as Lawler went up for his vintage flying elbow drop and covered Alex Riley for the 3 count. It was wierd because this episode ran rather long and at 11:04 PM usually the time that the show ends, they went and took a commercial break.

Sucks when shows like TNA Impact have to keep us watching for another hour (into the former TNA Reaction show) to see a main event conclusion.

Once again, as always have a great week and thanks for reading!

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