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1/17/2011 FCW Champion debuts on RAW!!! and joins the Nexus

1/17/2011 FCW Champion debuts on RAW!!! and joins the Nexus

Hello again, my prestigious readers. Tonight we saw the "return" of John Cena (for the month of January) and with him, his lame jokes, his corny humor, and at least he cracked a joke at the PG rating.

Although Cena, and almost everyone else on the show mentioned they were entering the Rumble this year... there could only be so many in the 30-man match... or could there? As the match has officially been increased to a 40-man match, one has to think... just how many special returns and/or debuts will there be this year?

Now of course, this is also to include the Nexus... as during a brawl between New Nexus and Cena. The GM rang in and told Punk that if any of the Nexus members interferred in their match tonight, they would be removed from the Rumble.

Marella & Koslov d. The Usos via pinfall for the TAG TEAM Championship

With the cobra... nuff said. Until WWE removes the fact that the Tag Division has become a joke , why not let the #1 Joke of a wrestler hold onto the belt.

John Morrison d. Daniel Bryan via pinfall

In a rare occasion, WWE actually gives us a great match pairing without the usage of the "good" guy versus "bad." Besides the amazing counters each wrestler kept unleashing against one another, it took a running knee to keep D Bryan down for the count.

Now its worth noting however, that during commentary of this match Michael Cole starts mentioning that the relationship between Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins is something he considers strange to which I thought to myself... "OK Cole you are basically saying a man hanging out with two women is strange..." now homosexual jokes aside... later on Cole redeemed himself a little bit by saying he had gone to heaven by having to sit between Melina and Eve during the Divas match.

Natalya d. Maryse via submission

During this match as well, we saw a crappy job Melina can do as a heel commentator and a gigantic backside that Eve Torres has when wearing a tight dress.

Now after Maryse lost she began to insult Cole in french until DiBiase came out as unmotivated as he could be and tries to calm her down.

She calls him a loser, and basically says that his curse is affecting her as well, to which DiBiase claims HE will win the Royal Rumble and challenges anyone to a over the top rope challenge... Yeah, good luck DiBiase you can barely win any matches since being broken up from Legacy and now you think you can be a main eventer at Wrestlemania? HAH

Mark Henry d. Ted DiBiase in an over-the-top-rope challenge

Now, as Henry's music starts to play one thinks this segment is over, but soon William Regal leads the charge with an entire army of midcarders as they attempt to prove they will win the Royal Rumble...(by eliminating Mark Henry...?) which notably includes the former Nexus member Darren Young... who hasn't really been seen on RAW since his failed comeback the RAW before Night of Champions.

Now this turned out to be a pointless battle royal, until Sheamus or rather King Sheamus ran down to the ring and proceeded to eliminate everyone else except Henry who manages instead to eliminate the englishman... now this proves two things IMO... Sheamus will be in the Royal Rumble going after the championship opportunity like everyone else, and Triple H will be one of the "returns" I mentioned about earlier.

Randy Orton d. Dolph Ziggler in a Contender vs. Contender match via pinfall

Vickie is SUCH a heat magnet... Afterall, Justin Roberts announced she was coming out and the crowd did not even boo or hiss that loudly but the moment she opened her mouth... the booing was outrageous!

Ziggler managed to hold his own against Orton and for a moment it even looked like Orton would pass out from the sleeper hold but alas one of those out of nowhere RKO's and this one is finished.

However, The Miz and Alex Riley proceed to jump Orton and beat the holy hell out of him, and even toss Jerry Lawler over the barricades into the audience when he, once again, gets in the WWE Champion's face.

The Miz vs. Edge is announced for next week in a Champion vs. Champion match

John Cena d. CM Punk via disqualication

Now I have said it time and time again Cena needs to stop winning all of his damn matches, and this one I actually thought might be the first time Cena would actually tap out to a submission move that Punk was using ... now I am not actually sure if its called the Anaconda Vise that Punk was known  to use, as I havent actually seen him use it...

But apparently even SuperCena refuses to pass out as well... and Cena makes it the ropes, reverses a couple of moves and eventually goes for the Super Hulk Hogan Leg Drop off the top rope... which actually connects... and yet Punk (thank god!) kicks out... and at this point we are well into overtime here on the east coast and I am beginning to wonder just what it will take to end this epic confrontation... until my answer is revealed in the form of a mystery audience member who enters the ring and quite frankly looks so damn similar to Batista I actually thought it WAS Batista.

Turns out this man's name is Mason Ryan and down in WWE Developmental he is currently the FCW Champion... and sure enough this man proceeds to first kick Punk in the face, scoring the win for Cena... and then demolishing Cena as well... before taking his Nexus armband from the ankle of Punk and pledging his allegience to the group...

So as we saw on Friday night, Big Zeke has joined Wade Barrett and his Exiled crew, while this big man has joined New Nexus... clearly we are heading for a showdown... and at least two of the combinations of strength and leadership will be matched...

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