Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special #1 - The unintentional fail that the Nexus has become.

A group of rookies becomes a dominant force...

Wade Barrett - Wins NXT in June 2010, shows up on RAW as a brand new member of the roster on June 7th, 2010 and announces that a "change" is coming and something "epic" will occur tonight. The rest is history.

During John Cena and CM Punk's main event that night, the other NXT rookies surrounded the ring, hopped the barricade, beat up everyone, security, announcers, Luke Gallows, destroyed the ring, both above and below, ripped up floor pads.. choked Justin Roberts with a tie, and demolished John Cena with all their individual finishers.

Now for the next couple of weeks, the Nexus, like the sharks they were being compared to, would surround the ring as they did during their unofficial debut as a group and proceed to deliver "beatings" to anyone they basically decided to, from hall of famers, to other RAW roster members, to General Managers, and even the WWE CEO Vincent K. McMahon.

Their interference in Cena's match was not unique as for the next couple weeks, it seemed like Nexus was screwing with Cena personally and even cost him a few victories on PPV, by first causing him to lose his WWE Championship at Fatal 4 Way, and then preventing him from recapturing it at Money in the Bank the following month.

Now, this is where it all starts to go down hill...

SummerSlam 2010.. Nexus versus Team WWE (which stupidly shouldve been called Team RAW because they're were no members of Smackdown on the team as at the time Nexus had clearly only interfered during RAW matches) and what should've been a victory to SHOW how dominant they really were turned into an embarassing loss, as "Superman" Cena managed once again to "beat the odds" by surviving a outside the ring concrete DDT, dodging out of the way of Gabriel's 450 Splash, pinning him, and then making Wade Barrett tap out. 

Now I know WWE wants the little kiddies to believe what is going on is real, and they try to make it seem as literal as you can for a PG show, but seriously... try running your head into a wall of concrete... DONT DO IT !!! and see if you don't wake up in a hospital a few hours later wondering why you feel stupid all of a sudden from loss of brain cells. What im alluding to is, the finish of the SummerSlam main event shouldve seen Nexus defeat WWE and prove they were indeed dominant as they had so claimed over the past weeks.

Daniel Bryan gets fired, returns, wins US Championship... Darren Young gets removed and forgotten...

But instead, what we got out of that loss was a storyline of weeding out the weak links in the group and through that, the beatdown and removal of Darren Young from the group. Now he did re-debut seemingly as a face when he came down to the ring and mentioned "you think you can get away with what you did to me?" not once but twice (the guy started talking while his theme was still playing so he had to repeat himself, a botch on his part) and instead of getting the "exiled guy gets his revenge storyline" we saw Darren recieve a RKO for distracting Barrett and his replacement as a "C" show performer on Superstars or dark matches prior to RAW shows.

With Daniel Bryan gone from the very beginning following the "tie incident" his re-debut has undoubtly given him much better success than any one member of the Nexus has yet to achieve. The guy returns from being FIRED to go on to become the United States champion by making the current WWE Champion tap out. And since then he has managed to defend that belt on numerous occasions and is now a pro on the show that made him a WWE Star.

Skip Sheffield ankle injury... Michael Tarver groin injury... Rotunda Jr. and Hennig Jr. join Nexus... (what you didn't think you'd seen the last of these 2nd gen superstars?)

Unfortunately, what also slowed down the momentum of the Nexus, was actual injury. Skip Sheffield broke his ankle in a house show and was silently dropped from the group when he was obviously unable to make television appearances... (why he couldn't just come to the ring in crutches? or did WWE think that would make Nexus look weak... after SummerSlam... it wouldn't have mattered)

Now of course there was another injury later on, but fortunately, we saw the mercenaries from NXT 2 Michael McGillicuty, and Husky Harris join the faction after they cost Cena his match at Hell in a Cell, which as we knew the stipulation going into that match... John Cena was now a member of the Nexus. A babyface superstar... the FACE of the WWE as he is called, and every child in the audience and at home watching WWE's hero... was now forced to work for the enemy... but alas, instead of conforming to their ways, Cena proceeded to fight the evil from within... and when Tarver injured his groin he was written off by being the first and only victim of Cena's internal destruction of Nexus.

Now of course for those who dont know Michael McGillicuty's real name is Joe Henning, the son of Curt Hennig the late Mr. Perfect. And Husky Harris, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, is the son of Mike Rotunda, the former Irwin R. Schyster. So despite not winning NXT 2 these two "rookies" were not going anywhere as being 2nd gen superstars has its advantages in a company such as WWE.

Barrett fails to set an example, as he is not the first in the faction to win a championship.

Now as we know now, Barrett would recieve multiple WWE Championship opportunities over the last couple months and in-directly made every "original" Nexus member (not removed from the group)  a champion before himself. I speak of which of David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater.

Now, as we know, he forced Otunga to relinquish the title the night after he won it simply because he was partnered with Cena who was doing everything he could to prevent Barrett from becoming dominant. So all Otunga's victory led to was more static between the two... but nonetheless, Barrett DID make him a champion in the first place by giving him that opportunity.


So as we saw on this past weeks RAW, Punk has christened his NEW NEXUS by keeping Michael McGillicuty and Husky Harris, as well as David Otunga... (so obviously his static between himself and Barrett remained intact as he would rather inflict pain upon himself than abandon the stable) and seemingly eliminated Gabriel and Slater as they refused to follow his direction and walked out on the Jesus Christ wannabe.

According to the spoilers for this week's Smackdown however, during his debut match against the Big Show... Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel run down to the ring to assist their former leader... until Ezekial Jackson makes his big smackdown debut and runs down to supposedly make the save for Show... however... he instead joins in on the beating and the four seemingly form a group that night.

Now here's where I start asking questions... as I said at the very beginning... Punk was a part of the match when Nexus debuted and was beatdown while not as severe as John Cena (all the finishers) he was indeed beat down outside the ring by all eight dudes... Is he indeed going to "lead" them or IMO like he did on monday, proceed to enact his revenge slowly and surely until a mutiny evolves.

And what about Otunga, as I said... Barrett MADE him a champion... and yet he sides with Punk, only to get a hellatious beating from the Big Show... to which if I was Otunga, as well as the other two... I would be thinking "what in the hell am I doing this for? to be part a faction that has completely lost its steam from our debut and instead of going after the 'big picture' has now become a civil war?"

I do hope this faction fixes itself and becomes the dominant force it once was, pre-Summerslam... because damn WWE if they ruin what could've been a great storyline.

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