Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/2011 "Blog #1: A Week Filled with Stipulation Main Events"

1/3/2011 "Blog #1: A Week Filled with Stipulation Main Events"

A healthy welcome to my future and current readers, and a Happy New Year. I raise my glass as a toast to new beginnings and fresh starts to this wonderful new year.

Monday Night RAW starts off with a bang. As Michael Cole opens the broadcast mentioning that both John Cena and Jerry Lawler will not be on the program tonight. Cena suffered a real hip injury last week in a live event cage match while fighting Wade Barrett, as well as in story got beatdown by a CM Punk's led Nexus. Whereas Jerry Lawler fresh off his defeat of The Miz with John Morrison's assistance was jumped by Miz from the crowd as Micheal "and I quote" Cole was reading yet another email from the "anonymous GM"

The Miz (c) d. John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere match
In a wierd yet welcomed start to the first RAW of a new year, we got the first of two main events right off the bat. Several awesome spots between the former tag team partners. With JoMo eliminating a chance of Alex Riley getting involved in the match by kneeing him in the nose while propped up on the audience barricade, it seemed that we might just have a new champion seeing as The Miz has only sucessfully defended his championship when someone else gets involved. But unfortunately during the commercial or perhaps when I wasn't paying attention a table got set up close to the ring and JoMo attempted to Starship Pain while Miz was laying on the table. Alas Miz moved, JoMo threw himself through the table and took a Skull Crushing Finale for the loss.

Natalya, Eve Torres & Brie Bella d. Melina, Maryse, & Alicia Fox
Brie Bella was thrown to the floor by Maryse who turned her back as Nikki Bella pulled her sister under the ring and switched places. This allowed Nikki to turn defense into offense on Maryse who tagged Melina in. Nikki would tag Natalya who would connect with a "Discus Clothesline" (ala Matt Morgan lol) and tag out to Eve Torres who would use a spinning neckbreaker for the pin. Nothing special about this match but it was worth noting that during commercial a rather stupidly comedic ad featuring John Cena aired advertising Gillette and the death of a poor bathroom trash can.

The Usos d. Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov w/ Tamina
Is it just me, or is this comedic tag team already tiring me out? I understand WWE hasn't cared about the Tag Division for months but this is getting ridiculus

Alberto Del Rio d. R-Truth
Its wierd that Alberto Del Rio was just recently involved in a World Championship match and now he is fighting mid carders in the US Title Division on a completely different show.

Nothing special about this match, but on a rather personal comedic note, I discovered ala camera fail that Alberto Del Rio doesnt actually honk the horn of the "car" he is driving but it is apparently a part of his entrance theme. Lame

A commercial advertising Smackdown airs mentioning a Last Man Standing match pitting Edge (c) v. Kane as well as a 2 out of 3 Falls match pitting Alberto Del Rio v. Rey Mysterio for Friday Night.

We learn that the leadership of Nexus is in doubt as Wade Barrett makes his appearance for the first time since being buried by John Cena at the TLC PPV, and is challenged for the leader position by CM Punk who joined the faction last week. With Morrison losing earlier in the night, a Triple Threat Cage match is announced by the GM pitting Randy Orton v. King Sheamus v. Wade Barrett/CM Punk and between the two of them they must decide on who represents Nexus in the match.

Backstage, Punk lets Barrett know he wants him to take the spot to "prove" he is able to lead Nexus properly as a dominant force. But should he lose tonight, he is out of the group and Punk himself will take over as leader. As Barrett turns to leave for the ring, Punk shakes the hands of the other five guys, who smirk as if they are planning something

During the match, Wade Barrett jumps off the toprope onto the waiting knees of Sheamus and holds his arm as if he hurt it during the landing, as he attempts to climb the cage however, CM Punk runs down to ringside and climbs to the top of the cage offering his hand to help the "Leader" out. But as Barrett reaches his arm out, CM instead rips of the Nexus armband and kicks Barrett off the cage. Leading Sheamus to use his brogue kick on the bare knuckle brawler. Calling for the cage door to be open, it looks as if Sheamus is going to walk out of RAW the new #1 Contender... however as he stumbles toward the door he takes an RKO and Orton slowly walks out of the cage and down the steps to the WWE Championship Match at Royal Rumble
 As this is my first summary/blog on this new site, I will explain my format real quick. I watch RAW live and post usually within 10-15 minutes of it concluding, however for NXT, Smackdown, and even TNA Impact I watch those usually on Friday night on Youtube depending on how great the quality of the upload is. I do not usually review those on a blog as it makes no sense with the spoilers and results being well known prior to me viewing.

And with that, I wish everyone a happy first week of January 2011.

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  1. Apparently Alberto Del Rio was on RAW to help promote Smackdown which is currently suffering from a lack of viewers... IMO (the move to SyFy didnt help at all)

    As for the Royal Rumble 2011 card, I simply put Edge v. Kane because i was brain dead as i wrote the thing and forgot he was fighting this week as JoMo and Miz did on Monday. So based on what occurs we may or may not have another #1 Contendership ala RAW

    I guess I was bored by the Koslov match because I re-watched it today and totally missed the super botch he failed at last night