Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/31/11 Del Rio wins Royal Rumble, plus a few surprises planned?

Tonight on RAW had its ups and downs, ironically following an eventful Royal Rumble, one would think they would touch on the storylines that have apparently begun on this "Road to Wrestlemania"

Alberto Del Rio is the 2011 Royal Rumble Winner!

(and I kid you not, Santino Marella is the second place runner up)

Announcing his intention to challenge Edge for his World Championship at Wrestlemania, one can only assume that Smackdown's elimination chamber will either produce a third challenger causing a triple threat, or a completely new champion, giving Edge a rematch clause anyways. Now my early prediction for this scenario includes a returning Christian (who you all may remember was feuding with Del Rio before his injury last year)

During the WWE Championship match, The Miz was knocked out by an RKO and the Nexus (without Punk) ran to ringside to distract Orton as Riley slipped inside the ring. However, Orton turned around, and proceeded to toss Riley into the Nexus taking them all out, however Punk slipped from under the ring and proceeded to give Orton a G.T.S.knocking him out and dragging the unconscious arm of the WWE Champion over the challenger for the 3 count victory.

Wrestlemania Feud : Randy Orton v. CM Punk

Now, during the opening bout between tag team champions and the challengers Husky Harris and McG, Orton ran out (nearly knocking down the camera man) and proceeded to punt Harris in the skull while being pleaded with by Punk not to. But that was not all, during the RAW Rumble later on in the show, Orton came out 7th and immediately went after Punk, getting him eliminated before being knocked out by R-Truth. (really?)

Wrestlemania Feud 2 : John Cena v. The Miz

While not even being a part of Rumble (basically coming down with Alex Riley, who was) Riley ran back down to the ring after being eliminated, and distracted Cena while Miz came from behind and tossed him out. During the RAW Rumble however, everyone (good or bad) seemed to attack Cena, including at one point, Jerry Lawler. While Cena was on the ropes Sheamus sidestepped and tossed Lawler into Cena knocking him off the apron... but alas, as Sheamus went for his brogue kick on Lawler, The King sidestepped and Cena jumped up and pulled the top rope down and Sheamus went flying over and out.

And with that, two elimination chamber pay-per-view matches have been decided...

The Miz (c) vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler for the WWE Championship


John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth
in the RAW Elimination Chamber #1 Contendership Match

Now my early picks for winning this match (as it is the final match until Wrestlemania) are either

John Morrison (because he is just so damn cool to watch)
or John Cena (basically because of the feud that started at the Rumble)
Orton and Punk I see going at it and causing each other's elimination,
whereas Truth doesnt have a shot in hell of main eventing Wrestlemania at this moment.
Sheamus I see being eliminated by a returning Triple H which leads to...

Wrestlemania Feud #3 Triple H vs. Sheamus

As for King, I highly expect King not to win this match, but not to lose cleanly either. I half expect Michael "Miz's other bitch" Cole to get involved much like he did during the TLC match they had back in December and once again cost his broadcast ally the championship. This of course will lead to...

Wrestlemania Feud #4 Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Some other notes from last nights episode include the un-official break up of Ted DiBiase and Maryse, as after insulting Lawler for taking the seventh spot in the RAW Rumble, DiBiase proceeded to hold Maryse as a human shield as Lawler went to punch him. 

She proceeded to turn around, slap him silly, check her nails and walk off.... and then Lawler punched DiBiase anyways (which looked like it actually connected IMO) 

The Great Khali made his triumphant return last night at the Royal Rumble and didn't waste any time botching it up during a comedic segment in which Khali and Mark Henry (I guess) won a dance off against the Usos, after the GM rang in saying that it was physically unfair for the brothers to face Henry and Khali.

After finishing their lame excuse for dancing, the Usos (who I guess lost by the amounts of cheering for Khali's failed double wave) proceeded to attack the 800+ pound duo and were quickly laid out, but Khali apparently wasn't told in his language this wasn't a match and he went for a pin anyways.

And finally, a video promo was aired twice showing a person wearing a dark trenchcoat walking through a thunderstorm and the fiery red numbers showing the date 2 21 11... Obviously a debut teaser for someone either coming into WWE or returning (Undertaker???)... now the style of the video and the irony that the previous night we saw the returns of two former WCW turned WWE guys Booker T and Kevin Nash (as Diesel) one HAS to think that hell as frozen over and

perhaps... just perhaps...

Sting will finally join the WWE.

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