Friday, February 25, 2011

2/25/11 Goodbye Vickie! Welcome back Cody!

(Rey Mysterio def. Kane via pinfall)

Cody Rhodes is no longer dashing... now he's just sadistic -

I am actually a fan of Cody destroying Rey slowly and eventually defeating him at Wrestlemania, but unfortunately Rey wasn't victorious in his previous feud against Del Rio so by pattern Rey is due for a victory. However,\with the high press involved with the signing of Mistico now known as "Sin Cara" perhaps we might see his debut as close as Wrestlemania as a way of causing his loss without a clean finish.  The future rivalry between Del Rio, Mysterio and Sin Cara is something to look onto the horizon for.

(The Big Show def Wade Barrett via countout)

The Big "Stable Destroyer" Show -

First the Straight Edge Society, now the Corre, why build a force of guys into a group of destruction only to have them be demolished by one man? It makes no sense for the purpose they are supposed to be serving. I mean granted the storyline has been dropped with Barrett and the former Nexus burying Undertaker back at Bragging Rights. At one time the idea was for Barrett/Jackson to fight Taker/Show at Wrestlemania assuming Taker wasn't 100%. But now with Taker obviously being challenged/accepting Triple H's silent proposal. Another idea has been scrapped.

At least they won the titles from Vladimir "Botch"-lov at the pay per view. Sorry Santino, your cobra is only entertaining for so long before it gets beyond ridiculus.

(Rosa Mendes def. Layla via DQ)

More tension for Lay-Cool... perhaps a Wrestlemania breakup? -

After several weeks of kicking Layla in the face, this time McCool interfered in her partner's match in plain sight of the ref, causing a disqualification. But the WTF face Layla was giving was crushed when she embraced her tag team partner and they left the ring together. I said it last year, I predict these two are broken up by Extreme Rules, because we all know a singles Divas match won't take place (they usually do a pointless Battle Royale for all the undercard guys as well as the Divas)

(Edge & Kelly Kelly def Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero via pinfall)

First Dolph, now Vickie Guerrero -

Funny how unless your name is John Cena, being fired in storyline actually keeps you off television for a week. However, considering the outcome of the above match, the Smackdown Consultant has officially been fired as well by Teddy Long. While I half expect Del Rio to win at Wrestlemania perhaps, the two firings will show up a few weeks down the road and cause Edge's defeat some how. Either directly or indirectly.

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