Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2/28/11 I always called Wrestling a Male soap opera, tonight I am proven correct!

Triple H and Undertaker set for Wrestlemania, Sheamus gets (literally) buried -

While it was anticipating to wait one week to hear Triple H's reasoning for challenging the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, it was kind of selfish in my opinion to ignore that fact that your "friend" Shawn Micheals, not only lost twice against The Phenom, but lost his career doing so. But instead, Triple H aludes to his answer that he gave in his WWE Mag interview stating that he "no longer has to be competing for a championship" to be considered the best, however by basically saying HE will be the one to end the streak, HBK's reasoning the previous year is basically thrown under a bus.

Obviously, one assumed that when Triple H finally made his return he would go after Sheamus (as he was the one who put him on the injured list last April at Extreme Rules) so instead of going after him, Sheamus came after Triple H himself and got a low blow and a pedigree through a table for his trouble. So it looks like that feud won't be picked up

The Rock's response to Thuganomics, if only the Cenation knew -

Everyone applauded Cena for reponding to The Rock last week with his old school rap, but nobody bothered to think why Rock targetted him in the first place, so, as Rock mentioned during his return promo, Cena started insulting Rock when he left for Hollywood, and now Rock is basically returning the favor on live television without his little Cenation knowing exactly what their hero said. In my opinion, Rock is winning this one.

Punk and Orton set for Wrestlemania, and the Nexus loses another member -

It is unfortunate that I once again have to admit that Randy Orton's face turn is really starting to go stale on me, almost to a point that like Cena, I want him heel again... however, it seems that face or not Orton (excuse my use of it) "vintage" punt remains as part of his repertoir. Tonight's victim, Michael McG.

Cole and Lawler set for Wrestlemania, Swagger gets a Wrestlemania redemption? Not -

So Cole actually accepted Lawler's Wrestlemania challenge... however, it was on his terms. One being, he gets a trainer in his corner, and the second being that there will be a special referee. The trainer, was Jack Swagger.

So it seems from Money in the Bank winner, to World Heavyweight Champion. The All-American American is now a manager for a filler match. Nice. (sarcasm)

However, they did not reveal the special referee. One can only assume it will be another Cole lackey.

John Cena def. Alex Riley in a cage match, by walking out the door...?  -

If you are going to announce that "the only way to win this match is to ESCAPE the cage"  why allow someone to simply walk out the front door? They did that shit with Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble #1 Contender qualifier when Wade Barrett with a "busted arm" attempted to climb out the cage and failed, and Orton simply walked out the door.

Tonight it was the same thing, however, both Cena and Riley continued to climb the cage even when one of them went toward the open door and failed.

IMO, the cage door should be chained and locked. The entire point of a cage match is to incapacitate your opponent long enough to climb out, (or rather that was how it is on the video games lol) but instead Cena defeats Miz in a test of strength and pushes his way out of the cage door and wins the match. Adios Alex Riley, perhaps he too will stay off TV for a week. 

One might wonder why I titled this entry as such, well in my opinion tonight's episode was a complete filler of talking and storyling to set up more heat for the Wrestlemania matches, as I said to someone on Facebook, if this was my old show "24" this episode feels like one in between the death of one bad guy and the introduction of a new one.

Nothing more than a furthering of a storyline and little to no action. Perhaps next week we will see more.

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