Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 - The Final Knockout, Ziggler RAW-bound, Sheamus' final chance

Undertaker vs. Triple H now a No-Holds Barred Match

The last no-holds-barred match featured Undertaker vs. Kane back a few months at the Bragging Rights PPV, and the lack of blood and weapons seriously hindered this match for what it could've been, granted they did brawl in and around the ring. One can only hope the "trademark" sledgehammer makes its appearance in the hands of "The Game"
Dolph Ziggler now on RAW? Vickie vs. Trish set for next week

Good to see the former World Heavyweight Champion back on WWE TV, however it seems he is still alongside his betrayer Vickie Guerrero, now as a "business partner." And of course, whenever a returning/debuting star makes their appearance its quite obvious their opponent will be crushed. Unfortunately for us tonight, that opponent was John Morrison.

Now, heres a guy who should, like Dolph be a legitimate champion by now, but with bigger "veterans" on their shows they are simply tossed aside for the Edge's and John Cena's. However in this exchange a RAW superstar who has been kicking ass for the last couple months is pinned cleanly by a Smackdown superstar who has been fired for the last two weeks. Way to destroy JoMo's momentum

However, that was not the only thing that came out of this travesty. Apparently Vickie will have a match against another recent returning superstar in the form of Trish Stratus next week and only if she wins will she be allowed to join the RAW brand along with her "business partner." It's quite obvious IMO that Vickie has no chance in hell of winning this match without cheating, and if Dolph and Vickie can come to RAW why not Lay-cool?

Sheamus losing streak, risks career next week for... United States Championship?

Speaking of killing momentum, King of the Ring 2010 Sheamus has basically been working on his own "streak" of sorts over the last couple weeks... a losing streak. And after "apparently" injuring himself by crushing his ankle into the announcers table, he accepted a countout defeat against Daniel Bryan.

As Bryan was celebrating Sheamus challenged the US Champion for his title next week and put his career at risk. This close to Wrestlemania and no United States title match set, I would assume the Human Jar of Mayo will actually win next week and give Bryan his re-match at the show of shows.
Cole buries the Diva Division some more, starts an Austin chant, and brings out... JBL?

If WWE expects us to take the Diva Division seriously, having Michael Cole bad mouth the women during the matches and downright interrupt them on the microphone to draw attention to himself is not the way to go.

And quite frankly, wasn't this entire Cole Lawler feud started when Cole claimed Lawler hogged the spotlight, however, its perfectly alright for Cole to do the same?

Now, on last Friday's Smackdown, Cole revealed that his referee was "flamboyant" and "awesome" and while the first word immediately sounds like "Goldust" or "Zack Ryder" the second immediately sounds like Cole's man crush and current WWE Champion The Miz." However, this appears to have been a red herring, as after starting an Austin chant (knowing full well Austin was here tonight for "some reason") out comes the former "longest reigning WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield.

(I say longest reigning WWE, because the spinner belt was not used in WWF)

But this "poor choice" is short lived as Austin indeed comes out soon enough, gives the "self made millionaire" a stunner, pours beer all over himself, JBL, and Cole and signs the contract for Wrestlemania making himself the referee. Now it seems, the only remaining spots to fill will be "who will be in Lawler's corner?" and "who will be the special guest commentator?" As we all know Cole and Lawler alongside Josh Matthews 3 man the PPV booths, someone would have to take their places during that match.

Could it be possible? Will Good Ol' J.R. return for one night as well?

The Main Event! Another Battle Rap from Cena? (excuse me "hip-hop")

For someone who said they would only do the entire thuganomics thing for "one night only" he seems to have again lied to his fans. However, I will give him credit for the "I Bring It... via satellite" joke, as that was kind of a let down last week.

However, all this time Cena and Rock have been going back and forth and poor unlucky Miz has been stuck in the middle. Now I was perfectly fine with him knocking the taste out of Cena's mouth with two belt shots and a Skull Crushing Finale... however, for someone who hates both Cena and Rock, why give them the pleasure of doing a crappy version of their signature move?

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