Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21/11 Another Road to Wrestlemania joke?... this time a crossroad?

Triple H officially concludes Ted DiBiase's RAW burial -

While it was refreshing to see Ted on Smackdown last week even in a losing effort putting up a great fight against Rey Mysterio. Tonight officially saw that small effort destroyed as during a failed effort to destroy Triple H by himself (remember the last time he destroyed Trips was with his Legacy teammates) Trips left him pedigreed through a table and buried further down the totem pole once more. Not good IMO for a retiring star to destroy the rising stars who will eventually take his place, or perhaps this is clue that DiBiase might be on his way out after Wrestlemania?

Randy Orton v. Rey Mysterio, will the heels be waiting to strike? -

From the moment they announced this regardless of it being a "Wrestlemania rewind" I immediately thought of the fact that this match is Face v. Face and there is no way WWE is stupid enough to have either one of them lose to the other clean. And boy was I ever right. While I half expected Rhodes to attack Mysterio and
Punk to attack Orton, only one of the two occured (unless the other occured during the commercial and was
unseen at home) Instead we see teases all night that "Orton's family is in the tourbus..." so of course one has to remember that Punk has a habit of going after people's families (as does Orton) so that was the path they took.

Eve v. Maryse & Micheal Cole??? -

Once again shitting on the divas match, Cole interrupts the two on microphone to announce he has yet another embarassing revelation about Lawler tonight, however this time, after winning the match Eve goes after Cole (and I hope she actually gets in on his beatdown eventually) and has to be escorted away by security... Now this Cole segment sucked and was actually less entertaining tham Maryse' sexy outfit and
her little jerk and twitches she did in a verbal smacktalk battle against Eve. Bravo Cole! make us hate you even more so it feels so much better when you get EVERYTHING coming your way at Wrestlemania, but boo at your lack of ability to sell a promo.

Corre def. Marella/Koslov but gets chased off by the ShowKane alliance -

There were rumors as to who Corre would face at Wrestlemania, and now that answer seems a little obvious. However one has to wonder, why has Undertaker not gone after neither Wade Barrett or Kane (are we just supposed to forget that they were the reason he got buried alive in the first place?)

Miz attempts to re-write history, could he do me a favor and give me back my time wasted watching his segment? -

Stupid stupid stupid segment and poor attempt at Miz trying to make himself relevant once again. While it was somewhat awesome to see that Cena was not actually home but in the arena and the subsequent brawl that broke out, the stupidity of Miz simply turning the belt's W symbol upside down instead of debuting an actual NEW WWE Championship (which would have redeemed him instantly in my books) absolutlely gave this one to Cena regardless of the destruction of Alex Riley post promo (not like hes tough or anything on the "ladder")

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