Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11/21/11 - Post Survivor Series RAW, new feuds galore.

Opening Segment -

CM Punk, the NEW WWE Champion did his usual awesome promo, but was cut off by John Laringitis once more and instead of giving the so called WWE fans, and not the universe as Punk stated what they wanted... (Ryder v. Ziggler for the US Title that is) the GM instead criss crossed the matchups and gave us Ryder v. Del Rio next, and Punk v. Ziggler as the 10pm Main Event.

You might be asking yourself, why 10 pm instead of the final match of the evening, well you see... even without the WWE Championship, John Cena still gets the main event time slot to cut a promo.

Zack Ryder v. Alberto Del Rio

While it was amazing to see Ryder cut off R-Rod from introducing Del Rio, I immediately knew (as should anyone else with a sense of typical PPV aftermath RAWs) that Ryder was about to be destroyed by an angry Del Rio still upset from losing his WWE Championship last night to CM Punk and destroyed he was, luckily they did not do an injury angle so perhaps Ryder will get revenge next week.

Santino Marella v. Cody Rhodes

Cody wearing kneepads? Cody not wearing a mask? Cody winning matches? Yes x3! As it seems Orton is now moving on to feuding with Wade Barrett, Cody practically squashes poor Santino and then proceeds to call out Booker T on his constant downgrading commentary toward him... as we know for months Rhodes was having his baggers give ol Book a paper bag every time he came out to the ring with his "masked" gimmick, one could technically say Rhodes started it... but who cares? It seems the plans for a Booker T in ring feud with Rhodes is now officially on

Kofi Kingston v. Wade Barrett

With no partner to have a tag team match with, Kingston goes one on one with Barrett, the victor of last nights Survivor Series elimination tag match... a solid nice win for the former Nexus leader and a staredown of sorts between him and Orton who sat ringside for the match... I can only assume this is the start of the next #1 Contender feud for Smackdown as Big Show technically still holds that spot after last nights low blow finish.

Sheamus v. Jack Swagger

Am I the only one who hates how they are now not only calling Sheamus "The Great White" on commentary but now its in his minitron? I mean just a year ago they were using that as an insult for the guy... (remember Jar of Mayo?) now suddenly its ok? WWE is such hypocrites. Solid match between these two with very little to say on my behalf.

Big Show cuts a promo on Mark Henry -

As I said earlier, Henry causes a DQ for himself when he kicked Show in the "groin" (lol how Show couldn't say balls) during their championship match last night which totally killed the moment, and either the crowd wasn't paying much attention or Show honestly didn't rev up the crowd as well as he could've

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