Monday, January 30, 2012

1-31-12 IMO The Greatest RAW of 2012, thus far (+Royal Rumble results)

Opening Promo w/ Punk, Laurinitis, Bryan, and Sheamus
"You've somehow figured out a way to both suck and blow at the same time" - CM Punk

Typical Punk promo ragging on Laurinitis and repeating almost everything he has said over the last couple of weeks, however this time good ol Johnny Ace was corpsin like a champ, clearly smiling on camera when he should've been mad... apparently since tonight is Johnny's final night as GM he has made an IWC's wet dream come true in the form of a CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan main event Champion vs. Champion match for the 10 pm hour. (G_d forbid an actual wrestling match takes place in the final segment...) 

2012's Royal Rumble winner Sheamus comes out to a better pop than what he got last night when he won the damn match and does the typical "who will I challenge?" tease while looking at both of the champs. (With the rumors going around that the Jericho/Punk match will be at Wrestlemania for the WWE championship, and the historic unluck of last years Sheamus/Bryan US title match being pushed off the card into the dark match... and being quite good... one could only assume...

Competitors for the RAW Elimination Chamber announced
(WWE Champion Punk v. Kingston v. Miz v. Truth v.  Jericho v. Ziggler)

Mike Tyson announced for WWE HoF 2012
Congrats to Mike Tyson as the newest nominee of the WWE's Celebrity Hall of Fame, my only comment on this is, at least he actually got physical in the ring and out while promoting the company in some way... unlike Drew Carey.

Orton d. Ziggler (w/ Barrett watching from the luxury box)

Overall great match, crowd was on fire... some say this was a burial for Ziggler, but think about it this way, Ziggler got off some near falls on Orton and Orton JUST returned from an injury angle and he's clearly resuming his feud with Barrett so its not like Ziggler is losing anything beneficial except maybe a little ego by losing to 2 Smackdown stars... i mean its not like hes...

Tyler Reks gets demolished by Brodus Clay (accompanied of course by the bootylicious Naomi and Cameryn)

Another week... another Funkasaurus squash... If my memory serves correctly, Clay has destroyed nearly the entire NXT roster minus the actual NXT rookies so perhaps in a week or two he will actually start facing "real" superstars?

*Clay's Victim List Thus Far - Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre, JTG, Tyson Kidd, Vickie Guerrero & William Regal (informal dance-off).

Punk d. Bryan w/ Jericho interference on Punk (Champion v. Champion match)

As stated earlier this match was one of those IWC dream matches that personally would've benefited from being on PPV with a huge buildup leaning back to the rivalry these two had back in Ring of Honor, alas we get a WWE version of their mini feud.

With Punk as the clear face, and Bryan being the slimy little heelish face who has now kept his championship 3 times without actually winning a match, and this being the WWE Champion's show, who would possibly win this match... if you guessed the fans you'd be correct.

Neither man would give to the other, and this match seemed to go on for a while, all until Chris Jericho ran down to the ring, tossed Bryan into the guard wall and gave Punk a Codebreaker all while staring him down. As I said earlier about the rumored WWE Championship between the two at Wrestlemania it becomes all the more obvious who will be facing who at WM28.

Kingston d. Miz w/ Truth on commentary

As I was watching this match I started to think how unfortunate Kingston has been over the last couple of months thanks to his bonehead tag team partner Evan Bourne getting himself suspended not once but twice for smoking whatever the hell it was.

As such with Truth on commentary and Miz currently feuding with him, I leaned over to my friend and told him that I would hope Kingston gets a victory here considering he's in the Chamber match and he needs some buildup to some how make sure he isn't the obvious choice for 6th place finisher...

and win he did with an amazing Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere (one of those moves that I just love because of the sound effect provided by the speaker or whatever SFX it is in the boots of Kingston)

Beth Phoenix d. Eve Torres for the Divas Championship... in about 20 seconds...

After Phoenix's dominant victory during the 8 divas tag match the previous night, Kharma's resurgence in the rumble, and Eve's current situation with the entire Kane situation... I expected Kharma to make her appearance during this segment...

Alas instead of the psycho woman, we get the psycho Kane, cutting another big word filled promo on the titantron and then doing his teleport thing appearing behind Eve and attempting to stalk her until an angry John Cena makes the save and sends Kane on the defensive run after three metal stair shots and an attempted AA through the announcer table.

Laurinitis, Triple H... and THE UNDERTAKER (holy shit!) closing promo

"You even put chap stick on for it? Comon man, you honestly think I would let you put those lips anywhere near me, I don't know where those have been, you should get some personal help for that" - Triple H

What started as a fairly comedic segment between HHH and Ace with Trips trying to decide how to make Laryngitis prove he wanted to keep his job, quickly turned into an almost exact duplicate of Undertaker's return promo from last year's 2-21-11 vignette...

Only this time it was Taker interupting Triple H's return by stopping him from firing Johnny Ace and getting an amazing pop, slow walking down to the ring as he always does and staring at the Wrestlemania marque without saying a word... only this time Triple H did not respond by looking at the marque himself and instead he simply exited the ring and walked away leaving the show to end with Taker in the ring alone.

I predict now that what Triple H said about him putting his "personal thoughts" behind him and being allowed to take over GM of Raw once more will conflict with his wanting to challenge Undertaker once more. As such this will lead to the rumored Career vs. Streak II at this year's Wrestlemania.

Tonight's show was amazing, and the follow up to the Royal Rumble and the subsequent start to the build-up to Elimination Chamber makes me love this time of year for promos.

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