Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/14/11 The Road to Wrestlemania hits a few potholes...

Miz DESTROYS Khali, and a steel chair...

For someone who was seemingly fired, (as if anyone who gets fired in WWE storyline actually stays away for long) it sure looked like someone who looked exactly like the "fired" Alex Riley was helping his old "employer" during this impromtu opening bout pitting the WWE Champion against The Great "Botch"li. However, it was quite interesting to see Miz's chair assault post match literally impale the back of the Punjabi Playboy as a trinkle of blood dripped down his back and interesting enough the camera zoomed in on it.

Sheamus defeats Daniel Bryan and ends the "King of the Ring" curse?

As much as the announcers were playing off of the "curse" that was affecting the 2010 KoTR, I fail to remember anyone besides the human jar of mayonaise having THIS bad of a losing streak following their tournament victory. But alas, as stated last week Sheamus put his career on the line for another shot at the United States championship, and this time he actually won with a midair brougue kick reversing Daniel Bryan's "vintage" flying dropkick. It is almost a given that the rematch clause will be cashed in for Wrestlemania so here's hoping these two have a great match on the grandest stage of them all, because we all know what happened to Sheamus last year.

Cole reveals a secret guest from Lawler's past... Grandmaster Sexay???

I honestly forgot that Grandmaster, (or is it Grandmasta?) Sexay was actually Jerry Lawler's son as when he was actually popular back in the day (as a member of Too Cool) he never aluded to it at all that he was the son of "the King" but unfortunately even though the former tag team champion came out to his own music, the sheer fact that he came out as a request of Micheal Cole to talk about Jerry immediately turns him heel in storyline. (not to mention it looks wierd seeing a guy who looks to be in his 50s doing the dances that he did back in day with the look of a 20 year old)

Cole v Ross exhibition cancelled by Jack Swagger a real painful ankle lock... seriously

Just as Brian Christopher/Lawler (or whatever you want to call him) gets done insulting his "father" Cole continued with the onslaught of insults until he was finally interrupted by a return from Jim Ross (at least since Old School RAW we haven't seen Good Ol' JR) who basically demands Cole stop his verbal assault on King and calls him a rat bastard for even bringing King's family into this feud.

However, after now becoming the target of Cole's verbal rage, JR removes his coat in an attempt to challenge his former colleague to a brawl only to be interrupted by Jack Swagger attacking King outside the ring. The All American proceeds to put both King and JR into the ankle lock and as we now know, he twisted JR's leg a little too far as the trademark "good god almighty" call out from JR was actually for real. Afterwards, Cole grabs JR's now injured leg and performs his own version of the ankle lock to close ths segment.

Vickie v. Trish ends exactly as I predicted last week... with one minor change.

While I half expected Vickie to win with the assistance of Lay Cool, announcing thr match was a NO DQ prior just opened the door for the chaos to slowly but surely begin. First with Ziggler, then with Morrison, followed up the the obvious Lay Cool run in. Vickie gets the win after a loaded ankle brace knockout kick from Michelle to Trish.

Now, prior to this match we were shown a Snooki and Vickie backstage encounter where Miss Guerrero was on the recieving end of a guidette slap (which actually looked like it hurt!) so after her pinfall victory and subsequent hiring, as her first act of business Vickie makes a match for Wrestlemania pitting her man... err i mean business partner Dolph Ziggler and her two bodyguards Lay Cool against John Morrison, Trish Stratus, and you guessed it... Snooki!

I guess they totally forgot Kelly Kelly has some beef with the trio from Elimination Chamber as well.

Randy Orton v. CM Punk is now simply a singles match... Mason Ryan recieves the developmental kick.

Honestly I am glad that most of the original remaining Nexus members became the Corre on Smackdown because the New Nexus has been a failure ever since its conversion, and now it seems that the Wrestlemania match is not only going to be a singles match (as every Nexus member lost their match against Orton) but it seems like every member has been written off due to punt kick.

At least we know who Jericho will be feuding with when, and if, he ever makes his return to WWE.

The Rock v. Cena continues... Rock remains on top, by questionable means

I wont go into much detail, Rock had an awesome promo his first week,
Cena replied perfectly the week after,
Rock had an awesome second promo the week after,
Cena's second response was kind of funny but failed in some respect,
and now this past week Rock's third promo kind of went a little stale. So the score is 2-1 Rock. 

Considering Cena said he was done with the distractions will he respond this coming monday night? And if he does, lets hope he doesnt plan on giving Rock another "pearl necklace" (shudders)  

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