Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/14/11 The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment returns!

CM Punk def. John Cena via pinfall

Funny to see Punk protecting his loins after almost every exchange as a nod to last weeks DQ Victory following Cena' lowblowing him, but in the end, Punk got his revenge slightly by having one of his lackies pass him first a chair (from under the ring) to distract the ref with removing it from the ring, and then a wrench to which he knocked Cena out with to score the legitimate pinfall victory

Edge to be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship on Friday

As per Vickie Guerrero's mandate, if Edge used the spear in his match last friday he would lose the match and his championship, however as the special referee, Vickie refused to count any of Edge's pin attempts on her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler. At one point Vickie mocked the Rated R super star and even attempted a spear of her own to her ex-husband only to run into him like a brick wall and fall outside the ring, however she wasn't knocked out, only hurt. Edge proceeded to use the spear in the clear eye of the fallen Vickie and call down Clay Matthews in a ref shirt to count the 3. However, in accordance to her own ruling, Vickie stated that Edge will be stripped of the title on Friday as he clearly broke her rules during that match.

Randy Orton def. King Sheamus via pinfall

Prior to this match Sheamus brogue kicked Mark Henry twice in retaliation for last weeks mind games beatdown. Thats all well and all but then, following a superplex Randy Orton springs up as if it never happened and proceeds to hit Sheamus with an RKO for the clean victory.

John Morrison & R-Truth def. David Otunga & McG via pinfall

What was supposed to be a Morrison vs. Truth match (face vs. face, really?) turned into a tag match as both former tag team buddies wanted equal revenge on the New Nexus following the attacks from last week. And sure enough they got it, with Morrison showing some awesome aggression and Truth doing his crazy acrobatics.

The Miz def. Daniel Bryan via pinfall

Another great match! Whether it was the flying dropkick from the toprope, to the flying knee from the apron to the barricade, followed up by the flying powerbomb. These two are amazing in the ring as rivals. But alas you can't have the secondary champion defeating the show's primary champion the week before the pay per view, so alas Bryan does NOT score the upset victory and recieves an SCF for his efforts.

Eve Torres def. Natalya via pinfall

Well so much for not having a face vs. face match eh? These two ladies are interesting in the ring together, as one is a grappler and the other an acrobat, their in ring chemistry came off almost a little too much sexier than intended. However, this match was silently changed into a lumberjill match in order to further the face 5 vs the heel 5 divas of RAW. During the scuffle, Maryse lost a pump and it became Melina's weapon as the brawl spilled backstage. The match ended with both ladies hooking each other's leg for a pin but the ref counted the victory for Eve.

Promotions, Name Drops, and a stupid comedy segment

With all the matches done for the night , and about 15 minutes left to go before the show ended we find the girl who will be co-starring in the Chaperone standing in the ring with a mic. She mentions who she is and that starring in the movie is none other than "The Game" Triple H. However, instead of Trips coming out (and "finally" returning to WWE TV) instead we get The Great Khali, Hornswoggle, some cute shots of couples in the audience and the WWE Backstage kissing (William Regal kissing Zack Ryder wtf?)... and even an unintentional funny moment when the candy box that Hornswoggle presented her came open and all the chocolates fell to the ground.

And Last... but certainly not least!!!

Justin Roberts tries with all his might to hold back an ear to ear grin as he announces for everyone to welcome the host of Wrestlemania 27... and section by section the lights go off, a titantron effect of lightning eventually turns the screen bright white, then darkness once more...

And suddenly, The Rock's old theme begins to play and out comes the great one, Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to a thunderous reaction!!!

Now its worth noting that The People's Champion did get into the ring and proceed to deliver the promo of promos, in which he asked the WWE Universe how they went from the powerful Austin 3:16 to the iconic Do you smell what the rock is cooking? to.... You cant see me?

He also mentions that when he left WWE 7 years ago, someone who he thought was a cool guy started talking trash about The Rock, and that man's name was John Cena.

For the entire return I will link to a video that starts the 3 parter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BII1rjoHdeU&feature=player_embedded

Now, finally, this week is the go home show to the Elimination Chamber and with the return of The Great One and his subsequent calling out of Cena, do I hope Cena wins and faces Miz at Wrestlemania? No. But unfortunately, that's what WWE probally wants because lord help us if a Wrestlemania main event goes by without Cena involved in it.

However, I do hope the true victorious one, is John Morrison because damnit I want to see the former tag team partners go at it at the Show of Shows. And speaking of former tag team partners, if Edge some how does regain his championship, one can only hope Christian returns soon enough and makes the World Heavyweight Championship a triple threat, because prior to his injury he WAS feuding with Alberto Del Rio.

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