Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2/7/11 Truth pulls a Metallica, McMahon returns, and a dream (match) is crushed

Vincent Kennedy McMahon returns to WWE TV -

I honestly forgot I even put this event in my entry title until I was re-reading... without even mentioning what took him off TV in the first place... (Nexus beatdown) McMahon is all smiles as he promises a Guest Host for Wrestlemania 27 will be announced next week... and this one will be "epic"

CM Punk attacks on Orton explained -

I must say it was quite nice to go almost 3 years in the past to dig up the footage of when Orton and Legacy cost Punk his WHC without even the opportunity to defend it in a match at Unforgiven 2008.

Unfortunately, the tables are turned now, whereas Punk was a face then and Orton was heel. So I have no idea who I am supposed to be rooting for.

Either way, Punk and Nexus stormed the ring and beat down Orton but not before he got in a kick and headbutt seemingly breaking Punk's nose as the blood was a flowing.

R-Truth def. Mason Ryan via DQ -

According to Cena later in the show, Truth must have been partying a little too much after the Superbowl victory for Green Bay as after his traditional entrance rap, Truth asked the crowd in his typical fashion... GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN..... WHAT'S UP!? Unfortunately for Truth, they were in Milwaukee.

And it almost seemed that in a crowd swerve they started to chant for Ryan (heel) only because Truth (face) screwed up their city name.  Thank god there wasn't a riot.

The finish came when Ryan locked in some wierd leg over his head submission and actually won via tapout, but refused to let go of the hold and even went for a chair before the ref reversed his decision.

Eve, Tamina, and Gail Kim def. Melina, and the Bella Twins (who are now heel apparently) -

I honestly turned my head away from this match to start writing this and as usual even though they were a part of the team, the Bellas didn't actually have any ring time (kind of funny considering a few weeks ago Gail was in their position)

John Morrison def. Michael Maclacutty... MacGuyver... oh fuck it McG. via pinfall -

Standard match, good to see Morrison winning again... however after his victory Punk blind sided him with some spray into the eyes and a roundhouse kick to the skull. So apparently kicks to the skull isn't just strictly an Orton thing.

Daniel Bryan & Jerry Lawler def. Ted DiBiase & The Miz

Top of the hour ratings grab with this one, and it started with a back and forth between the #1 Contender and the WWE Champion about their upcoming match at the Elimination Chamber PPV. While Miz compared himself to a young Lawler about his great abilities on the mic (which indeed he does have) he insulted the Hall of Famer by mentioning that he has something he never will... a WWE Championship...

Do I think Lawler will win at EC 2011? Hell no! but do I expect him to lose clean? Hell no! So i half expect whoever causes Lawler to lose at the PPV will be his opponent at Wrestlemania. While it is unfortunate that "The King" might indeed retire without actually winning a Championship, its not like he wont leave behind a legacy.

Sheamus fought David Otunga Mark Henry to a no contest -

Pointless segment with Henry basically being tricked into destroying Sheamus when Justin Roberts came up to King Sheamus as he was walking to the ring and asked for his opinion on comments (we never heard him say) that Mark Henry said backstage.

Sheamus basically called out "Sexual Chocolate" err i mean "The World's Strongest Jobber" on his lack of championship reigns over his career time, and rather than Otunga even getting his match started Henry came down to the ring.

As the first contender against Triple H when HE FINALLY makes his return... this guy seriously needs to stop losing to midcarders in squashes and regular matches... FFS he was a WWE Champion... abeit by cheap methods, he was still a champion and now hes in comedy segments.

Another 2-21-11 Video Airs -

Well, the rumor of Sting has most definately been put to rest with this second version of the video we saw last week... while the video was similar they added one crucial change, the music that played during the promo for Shawn Michaels and Undertaker at last year's Wrestlemania. And with one obviously retired from wrestling and going into the hall of fame, who else in that equation wears a black trenchcoat?

CM Punk def. John Cena via DQ (for the second time in a row these two have fought) -

Knowing well that Punk planned on destroying him like all others in the #1 Contendership Chamber match, Cena got himself intentionally DQ'd via low blow and proceeded to fend off the obvious Nexus onslaught when King got up from ringside and handed him a steel chair.

So basically John Cena is the only one who will be 100% going into the chamber... yawn... I hope to god he doesn't win, but unfortunately all the little kiddies wanna see Cena win the championship again...

That does it for this week's episode of Monday Night RAW... have a great week!

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